Bathroom Design and Installation Manchester

Bathroom Design and Installation – Choosing The Right Bathroom For Your Home in Manchester

The bathroom is a key room in your house, and it is often forgotten when redesigning your house as it can be a difficult room to redecorate due to the need for trained bathroom fitters. At Appliance World in Manchester, we can help you choose the best bathroom to suit your needs with ease. 

Appliance World Manchester have a dedicated and experienced team of bathroom designers and bathroom fitters. All employed in house so you get the best bathroom design and installation in Manchester. Call today for more information on 0161 794 3030.

Bathroom design and installation Manchester

Bathroom Design - Space

Bathrooms aren’t usually the biggest room in homes, so utilising the space you have is important for achieving creating the perfect bathroom. This may mean sacrificing having a bath or a counter sink. Easy ways to make the most of your bathroom are:

  • Shower vs Bath – If space is very scarce, choosing to only have a shower may be the best choice. However, you can find baths in a wide variety of shapes to suit your room; from corner shapes baths to ‘P’ shaped or even freestanding. If you feel you want a bath and a shower, you can put a shower over the bath so there’s no need for a shower tray. Also, some baths allow for toiletry storage behind the side panel for extra storage space.
  • Counter vs wall-mounted sinks – A counter can be great for toiletry storage in your bathroom, however they can be quite large and chunky. Another option is to have a wall mounted sink to allow you to be able to buy a smaller storage container for toiletries.

Bathroom Design - Plumbing Issues

With all the fixtures in a bathroom requiring at least 2 forms of water supplies (supply and drainage/waste), it can become difficult and expensive to move fittings around once they have been placed. This is why a bathroom fitter is necessary to ensure that your bathroom fittings work correctly and to waste standards. You must check and double check that your chosen place for your fitting is where you want it to stay as moving them at a later date can be complicated. At Appliance World, we can help you with deciding this and assist with any queries you may have.

Bathroom Design - Ventilation

Ensuring your bathroom has appropriate ventilation will help stop any damp from intruding into your home, which can harm your health and look ugly. You can improve your bathroom ventilation by installing a bathroom fan into your bathroom; best practice to have it placed close to the shower or bath. The only part of the fan that you will see in your bathroom would be the grill so you needn’t worry about spoiling the look of your bathroom. Also, they are now quieter than older versions.

Bathroom Design - Heating

There is nothing worse than getting out of a hot bath or shower to be hit by the freezing cold room temperature of your bathroom. A bathroom doesn’t have to be a cold place, with many options available to warm it up:

  • Underfloor heating – Underfloor heating can be installed discreetly beneath flooring tiles to turn on with your home heating to heat the floor and radiate up to the room evenly. It will ensure your cold tiles are warm to the touch; not hot, and safe to walk on barefoot. It also evaporates any excess water that may have dripped onto the tiles to keep your bathroom safe.
  • Heated towel rail – Having warm towels to wrap up in after a bath or shower makes it more worthwhile. Not only does it keep your towels warm, but it heats the bathroom and acts as a towel rail for when the towels are not in use. They can come in all shapes and designs; from ladder-type rails that can hold multiple towels to bannister-type rails that are small enough to fit behind a door.

Bathroom Design - Toilet type

One key feature of your bathroom is your toilet. They generally are not the most attractive fittings, however at Appliance World, we supply a large variety of different types to give you the freedom to choose the best suited for your bathroom. There are 3 different types for you to choose from:

  • Low Level Toilet set – With their cistern attached to the wall behind the bowl, they are very popular in homes. It is easy to conceal the cistern, if this is a concern, as they are connected through a pipe.
  • Back to wall toilet set – The cistern is hidden for a compact and good looking set.
  • Close coupled toilet set – The cistern is directly attached to the wall and the bowl, which is then fitted directly to the floor. They are small and compact, but leave little room for movement.

Finding your perfect bathroom fittings can be hard; from the choice of bath or shower, to the type of toilet. You want your bathroom to be perfect for your home and be something you’re not embarrassed about when you have guests. At Appliance world, we can help you make the correct choice for your home and bathroom, with the assistance of our trained bathroom fitters. Contact us for more information on making the right decision.

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