Buying a Dual Fuel Cooker

Duel fuel cookers, as the name would suggest is a variation of the home cooker that requires two fuel supplies. The format of the appliance is basically a gas hob and an electric oven, so you retain the instant heat you get from the gas hob, whilst having the even baking temperatures from the electric induction oven.

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Dual fuel cookers Manchester

Having the combination of the two fuels offers the best advantages from both types of appliances, having the fast response, with a visible flame you can control from the gas hobs, with a oven that is better suited for most, if not all types of baking. You also manage a cleaner appliance with an electric oven, as there is no psychical flames to that can create a layer of carbon build up on your gas ovens, which can be the hardest thing to clean up.

You may think that because this one appliance uses two fuel sources, then you would have to pay extortionate rates to keep running this appliance on a regular basis but you’d be pleasantly mistaken, as most dual fuel cookers are rated A’s or B’s with there energy efficiency rating by the European Union Energy Label system, giving them a rating no worse than any normal cooker, gas or electric. From a consumer standpoint, there is actually no viable cause for concern as the two appliances use as much energy as any normal cooker, meaning you don’t have to pay anymore through electricity and gas bills, and your not leaving a larger carbon footprint if anything.

Duel fuel cookers come in as many different designs and formats as any normal gas or electric cooker, as manufacturers deem them a viable product line to invest into, so they create as many variations as any of their other product lines. You can pick from the more traditional aesthetic, or go for a completely re-vamped modern design; it’s up to you! You’re not limited at all with the design of the duel fuel cooker. The only considerations you need to make are the size and fuel source options, as these will have to be thought of when installing your duel fuel cooker.


As with any appliance, you will need a large enough space to cater for your appliance, using measurements either given from the manufacturer, or if you’ve seen the model you likes and have spec’d it yourself in the showroom. These measurements will help you size up the space you need, whilst giving you enough room if need be, to have a technician install another fuel line if the space you want hasn’t already been hooked up to the mains.

Fuel Sources

Fuel Sources are an obvious consideration you should make, as the appliance needs access to these sources in order to run. As stated before, if you don’t have pre-existing lines then you are going to have to have certified technicians install lines to the location in your kitchen, if you were using a electric cooker then you may not have gas lines if your property was built more recently. There is more of a chance you’ll have an electric outlet somewhere near the gas line if you had a gas cooker before, so these things are something to consider if you’re plotting for a duel fuel cooker.

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