Electric versus Gas, which one is best?

We figure that if you are reading a blog post about gas or electric cookers, then you going to be in the market for a new cooker. We assume that you have already browsed a few catalogues, maybe visited a few showrooms and want to find out more about the pro’s and cons of different fuel types considering there isn’t much information available apart from sales pitches from manufactures. How do you actually know what type of cooker you should be buying? After all, a cooker is an appliance that strives for longevity, since it’s an appliance you are going to be using for at least a few years, if not decades. You want to make sure the cooker you actually decide to buy is the right one for you, which is why we are offering this informative guide on the considerations of fuel types of cookers which is a major factor when buying a cooker, especially if you do not really know the difference between the two.

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The first thing you always want to consider is the type of cooker you may of used before, as you are then able to gather your experience with a particular type of appliance. If you had an old gas cooker and preferred the use of psychical flame then maybe a gas cooker is the way to go again, vice versa if you prefer an electric cooker with a more controllable appliance interface overall. It’s this experience that is the best thing to base your next purchase off as you know what you prefer, rather than trying to go for the best sounding appliance but actually purchasing something that doesn’t suit you or your uses at all.

Energy usage is also a big factor of consideration when deciding on your cooker since it is a huge factor in deciding on your appliance. A really efficient appliance is going to run a lot cheaper than your energy-thirsty appliance, as it’s going to give you the same performance with a better outcome, making use of the gas or electricity without wasting it. Older cookers are the main culprits of this as inefficient components of the past have now been out-dated and upgraded, refining the appliance as a whole.

If you are still confused by the types of appliance, then a hybrid cooker might be your cure all solution since it has the best of both worlds. Brands now have many different models and designs that might suit your needs as it can give you a good mix of both types of appliances

The most important thing to think about is what you are going to be using your cooker for and how often you are going to be cooking. The avid baker may want an induction fan in the cooker as it’s going to remove any “hotspots” in the oven giving a more even cooking appliance, whereas your keen stir fryer is going to want a raw flame to get that extra sear on their food. A parting tip to give you is that you should visit an appliance showroom to get a psychical feel for the appliance, as well as an in-depth look at what it offers.

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