How To Clean Your HobA clean hob can change your whole kitchens appearance giving it a clean feel and making the whole area appear fresher. Unfortunately, hobs are one of the easiest kitchen objects to get dirty as all it takes is to leave your pasta boiling a little bit too long and the overflow will cause a stain. Majority of us simply just don’t have the time to clean the hob after every use so food often becomes dried and can be a real nightmare to get rid of. We have devised an easy 4 step system for each type of hob as a guide for you to clean your kitchen….


Ceramic/Glass Hob

Cleaning ceramic hobs can be quite a challenge and if you get it wrong it can look like you’ve let a young child loose at your kitchen with crayons and Play-Doh. People often make the mistake of using tile scraping tools to get the job done but this can chip away the ceramic so it isn’t recommended, so here are our 4 easy steps to keep your ceramic hobs spick and span….


  1. Remove pieces of food that are loose and easy to get off first so you have a good starting point.
  2. Apply a very small amount of kitchen spray or some kind of cleaning fluid which is specifically designed to work with ceramic or glass hobs.
  3. Allow for the fluid to soak into the hob but not completely dry as you want to ensure it softens the food but does not become too difficult to remove.
  4. When it has hit this point, use a microfiber cloth to clean the majority of the hob, however if parts require a bit more strain use a scrunched up newspaper as the rougher texture is soft enough to not cause damage yet remove the offending stains.


Induction Hob

Piece of cake! The innovative design used to create induction hobs makes them the easiest to clean out of all the hobs. It is much less likely that food will burn onto the hobs meaning you shouldn’t have to use any stronger materials or elbow grease, here again are out 4 easy steps to keeping your induction hobs clean…


  1. Get rid of all the loose food and dirt before you start so you can easily see which areas need a bit of TLC.
  2. Simply apply a bit of warm soapy water to the hub and use a soft cloth, you can also use a kitchen spray to lift the tougher food grease or alternatively dishwashing soap will also do the same job.
  3. Rinse and dry the hob then apply a hint of white vinegar and use a clean cloth to give an extra shine.
  4. Just for a bit of an extra buff give it a once over with a clean cloth.


Electric Hob

 One of the more challenging hobs to clean, it can also cause quite a bit of confusion as owners differ on their opinions of how to clean them – should you only scrub them lightly or should you give them a bit of rough treatment? Well fortunately enough the electric hobs can take their fair bit of scrubbing which helps you clean the area much quicker.


  1. If you have hot plates which are removable make sure you do so, this makes the whole process a lot quicker.
  2. Make sure you use cleaning spray that is specifically designed to clean hob surfaces, once you have got one apply it on the stains and allow it to soak in before removing it.
  3. Get a hold of some wire wool and don’t be afraid to get digging into your hob, although if any scratching appears then stop immediately and switch to something softer.
  4. Afterwards make sure you always rinse the hot plate thoroughly.