Neff Slide and Hide Ovens by Appliance World Manchester

Neff’s Slide and Hide oven doors are a revolutionary design which is changing the way that home chefs cook in their own homes. It turns away from the old style of heavy dangerous doors that other ovens adopt in favour of a new design which slides under and inside of the unit.

There are many applications and benefits of this new design which actually make them seem to be far more advantageous in comparison to previous archaic designs.

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W feel that these units are extremely innovative and exciting. But why should you purchase one of these ovens? And why should you be interested in potentially upgrading an older oven for one of these modern revolutionary ones?

Benefits of a Slide and Hide Oven 

Neff slide and hide ovens ManchesterThe slide and hide design is ideal if you are looking for a safer and more time effective solution to cooking in your kitchen. The kitchen is a space which is quintessential in family life but this often brings children into the danger zone of the hot oven. This is one issue that slide and hide seeks to combat, increasing both personal safety and the safety of others. Gone is the heavy door that stays open and is red hot, potentially burning you or a child. The new design slides safely and tidily into the bottom of the unit meaning that there is no door which you can burn yourself on. This also reduces space taken by the oven. It is extremely easy to walk past the oven when it is open like this and this allows much more accessibility and ease of access to the kitchen area, something that is vital in the kitchen environment. 

Having the oven door open a lot of the time is almost impossible for many cookers that have swing doors as the oven will lose too much heat whilst it is open. The fan technology is the second aspect of the slide and hide oven system that combats this problem. The fan circulates the hot air around the oven meaning that the oven door can stay open with minimal heat being lost to the outside. This means that the cook can have the oven door permanently open and can therefore tend to the food for as long as is needed to season it properly. You can also cook multiple types of food such as dinner and baking as the flavours will not mix together. Also, the fan system is great for cooking food that needs to crust at the bottom such as speciality breads and pizza. 

Pyrolytic Cleaning Ovens

The use of the fan also allows for some slide and hide units to have pyrolytic cleaning features. Pyrolytic cleaning uses high temperatures of 500 degrees centigrade or more combined with the absence of oxygen to burn off the accumulated grease and spills from baking and roasting food in your oven, reducing it to a pile of ash that can be wiped up with a moist cloth. If you wish to purchase a Neff slide and hide oven that has these features then check that it is included on the unit description. You don’t even need to be put off if the slide and hide oven of your dreams does not have this feature as the slide and hide system is much easier to clean in comparison to regular oven designs.

The slide and hide oven is an extremely novel and exciting design. It not only combines safety and speed of cooking, but also adds that professional feel to your cooking. They are extremely intelligently designed and it is very much recommended that you consider purchasing one if you are fed up with the disadvantages of older style ovens, or if you have to deep clean your current oven regularly! If you are interested in seeing the perks of these ovens for yourself.

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