Although an extensive kitchen redesign may seem like an expensive investment - there are some simple DIY projects that you can carry out in your kitchen that are cost-effective and have a surprisingly huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen! Your kitchen is a space that truly reflects you and we understand the frustrations of not being able to fully enjoy or use your kitchen space. This is why we have selected simple DIY tips or projects that you can undertake and truly transform your kitchen space on a budget.

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When Do I Know I Need a Kitchen Redesign?

Although some people may know that their kitchen does not meet their requirements and will, therefore, need a redesign - it may not be apparently obvious that you need to make some changes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to carry out an entire redesign of your kitchen. If you find that you cannot find a good storage place for spices for example - why not build a space on the wall to store your spices! One of the best things about simple DIY is that you can make small changes to massively increase the space that is available in your kitchen. This is one of the main issues that homeowners face is a lack of space in their kitchen. If you find that you are being restricted by your kitchen or have a lack of space - it’s probably time to think about making some changes.


Idea 1 - Create Labelled Storage Jars

Buying a label gun or making your own labels and buying some designated storage jars is a great way to save space whilst also getting organised. A great thing about this project is that you can repurpose or recycle current containers and mix and match sizes for different foods. A labelled jar is perfect for spaghetti, coffee, tea and other items. Plus it’s a fun project that the whole family can enjoy!


Idea 2 - Repaint Faded Areas of Your Kitchen

If you feel that your kitchen is in need of a new coat of paint and you feel confident enough - you can go ahead and re-paint certain areas of your kitchen. This is perfect for those that feel frustrated that their current kitchen does not suit their style or reflect the colours that they love. You may find that your paint is worn and could do with a touch of colour. You are not just limited to painting the walls either - why not consider painting cabinets or other parts of your kitchen to create an awesome kitchen space.


Idea 3 - Change the Handles in Your Kitchen

The handles in your kitchen are another aspect of the kitchen that is very prominent when looking at your overall kitchen. If you find that you are catching things on your handles or you don’t like the current look of your handles then switching your handles can be done at home! If you think that you may need some help, however - there are always the professionals that can help you change the handles in your kitchen so this is definitely something to consider!


Idea 4 - Create an Integrated Smart Kitchen

Although the delivery of your Smart Appliances is technically not DIY - you are still able to go ahead and set up your integrated Smart Kitchen yourself once you have the relevant larger appliances delivered. Did you know there are already a huge amount of smart gadgets and appliances available on the market which integrate into a Smart System? A Smart Kitchen is a kitchen in which your appliances are connected via internet or synchronised with each other. You may have already seen fridge freezers with tablets that can order your shopping list but there are other really innovative products such as smart measuring scales that take exact measurements and even devices that can cook for you. The choices are endless in the exciting world of Smart Technology!


Idea 5 - Create Cupboard Spaces to Increase Space

Cupboard spaces are a simple way to increase the space that is available in your kitchen. Whether you are looking to increase your kitchen space as you find that you are in desperate need of additional space or want to increase the storage that you have available. Building cupboards can be an extremely fun and engaging task that gets everyone involved. Whether you are getting together to build your own cupboards or have cupboards that you have already purchased - this is a good DIY project to give you some serious space to work with.


Idea 6 - Add Some Additional Furniture to Your Kitchen

The kitchen has taken the spot back as the heart of the home. This has resulted in many activities returning to the kitchen and the kitchen is a very social space! This means that you may not have the facilities available to chill out in the kitchen and catch up with your family or friends. Choosing to add additional furniture is a great way to allow for hangouts in the kitchen or to create a particular kitchen aesthetic if you are looking to achieve this. This is an easy and great way to transform your kitchen space.

Are there any ideas that you have tried out that we haven’t covered on our list? Let us know today by getting in touch or leaving us a comment below. If you also have a question around designing or installing a new kitchen space - our kitchen experts would be more than happy to speak to you and discuss all of your needs and requirements.