Bosch Spring Cashback Promotion Terms & Conditions


1. The Bosch Cashback Promotion is the offer by the Promoter of up to £100 Cashback to purchasers (the Gift) in respect of purchases of selected Bosch Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners (listed below) and a 3 month supply (4 x packs of 20 tablets) of Finish tablets on selected dishwashers (the Gift+).  Purchases must be made between 19.02.15 and 25.03.15 and for which the Promoter has received a completed and valid claim before midnight on 26.04.15.  Please note that the Gift will be in the form of a cheque or bank transfer (bank transfers only available for online claims) and the Gift+ will be delivered to the address provided on the claim form. 


2. No other offers can be claimed in conjunction with Cashback or Free Finish tablets 


3. This is a consumer only promotion and full details of the Cashback and Free Finish tablets breakdown are available at 


a. The Cashback Promotion only applies to purchases of the following Bosch appliances: Dishwashers Washing Machines Vacuum Cleaners SKS62E12EU £50 WAE24177UK £30 BGL3PETGB £30 SMS40A08GB £50 WAE28167GB £30 BGS4ALLGB £50 SMS40A18GB £50 WAE24367UK £50 BGL4ALLGB £30 SMS40C12GB £30 WAE24377GB £50 BGL4332GB £30 SMS40T52GB £30 WAE24462GB £50 BSGL5AL2GB £50 SMS50T06GB £30 WAE24490GB £50 BSGL5PT2GB £50 SMS58E22GB £50 WAE28377GB £50 BGS4312GB £50 SMS58E32GB £50 WAE28490GB £50 BGS4330GB £50 SMS58T02GB £50 WAK24260GB £50 BGS4HYGGB £50 SMS58T22GB £50 WAQ243D1GB £50 BGS5PET2GB £50 SMS63E32GB £50 WAQ283S1GB £50 BGS5SIL2GB £50 SMS65E32GB £50 WAQ2836SGB £50   SMS65E38GB £50 WAQ28462GB £70   SMS69L32GB £70 WAQ284D0GB £70   SMS88TW01G £100 WAQ284S0GB £70   SPS40C12GB £30 WAT24460GB £70   SPS53E12GB £50 WAT28460GB £70   SPS53E18GB £50 WAW28560GB £100   SPS59L12GB £70 WAW28660GB £100     WAW32560GB £100   


b. The Free Finish tablets Promotion only applies to purchases of the following Bosch dishwashers: Dishwashers SKS62E12EU SMS63E32GB SMS40A08GB SMS65E32GB SMS40A18GB SMS65E38GB SMS40C12GB SMS69L32GB SMS40T52GB SMS88TW01G SMS50T06GB SPS40C12GB SMS58E22GB SPS53E12GB SMS58E32GB SPS53E18GB SMS58T02GB SPS59L12GB SMS58T22GB

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