1. Baumatic Homeking BT6.3GL Hood

    Baumatic Homeking BT6.3GL Hood

    60cm Chimney Hood in Stainless Steel and Glass
  2. Baumatic BHG625SS Gas Hob

    Baumatic BHG625SS Gas Hob

    60cm gas hob
  3. Baumatic IBOF600X Oven

    Baumatic IBOF600X Oven

    4 Function Electric Single Fan Oven Stainless Steel

    Was: £189.00

    Now: £179.00

  4. Baumatic BHC602 Hob

    Baumatic BHC602 Hob

    Four Zone 60cm Ceramic Hob with Black Glass
  5. Baumatic BMIS3820 Microwave

    Baumatic BMIS3820 Microwave

    Built In Microwave
  6. Baumatic BHG720SS 5 Burner gas hob

    Baumatic BHG720SS 5 Burner gas hob

    70cm 5 burner stainless steel gas hob
  7. Baumatic IBOF605X Oven

    Baumatic IBOF605X Oven

    4 Function Electric Single Fan Oven With LED Programmer Stainless Steel

    Was: £219.00

    Now: £199.00

  8. Baumatic BRUF103 Freezer

    Baumatic BRUF103 Freezer

    Built Under Integrated Freezer 60cm
  9. Baumatic BHI615 Hob

    Baumatic BHI615 Hob

    Touch Control Frameless 60cm Induction Hob

    Was: £299.00

    Now: £229.00

  10. Baumatic BMIC4625M Microwave

    Baumatic BMIC4625M Microwave

    Built In Combination Microwave

Baumatic has created an enviable collection of the most exciting and dynamic appliances available today. All appliances are created to an extremely high specification, with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials.