1. Elica ERA STD 60 54cm Canopy Hood

    Canopy hood

    Was: £109.00

    Now: £98.00

  2. Elica ERA LUX SS 60 54cm Canopy Hood

    Canopy hood

  3. Elica ERA HE SS 60 54cm Canopy Hood

    Canopy hood

  4. Elica SKLOCK LED 60 60cm Telescopic Hood

    Telescopic hood

  5. Elica CLAIRE-60 60cm Chimney Hood

    Chimney hood

  6. Elica Alpha-60-SS 60cm cooker hood

    Cooker hood

  7. Elica SLEEK HT60 53cm Canopy Hood

    Canopy hood

    Was: £429.00

    Now: £399.00

  8. Elica Acuta corner cooker hood

    corner cooker hood

  9. Elica Juno Stainless Steel Suspended Hood

    Suspended hood

  10. Elica CLOUD SEVEN DO 90cm Ducted Ceiling Extractor

    Ceiling extractor

  11. Elica VERVE 80 WH 80cm Decorative Chimney Hood

    Chimney hood

    Was: £869.00

    Now: £789.00

  12. Elica CLOUD SEVEN RC Ceiling Hood

    90cm Recirculating Ceiling Extractor – STAINLESS STEEL
  13. Elica STRATOS LED Ceiling Hood

    90cm Ceiling Hood – STAINLESS STEEL
  14. Elica PANDORA SS 84cm Push Mechanism Downdraft Extractor

    Downdraft extractor

  15. Elica NT-PRIME-DO 83cm Ducted Air Venting Induction Hob

    vented induction hob

    Was: £1,399.00

    Now: £1,349.00

  16. Elica NIKOLATESLA PRIME Induction Hob - for recirculation this model

    83cm Recirculation Air Venting Induction Hob – BLACK
  17. Elica NT-FLAME-BLK-DO vented gas hob

    Vented gas hob

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  18. Elica NT-ONE-DO ducted induction hob

    ducted induction hob

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  19. Elica NT-LIBRA-BLK-DO ducted induction hob

    Ducted induction hob
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