1. Fridgemaster MTRZ4430 Freezer

    Fridgemaster MTRZ4430 Freezer

    table top freezer in white
  2. Fridgemaster MUL49102 Fridge

    Fridgemaster MUL49102 Fridge

    Undercounter Larder Fridge
  3. Fridgemaster MUZ4965 Freezer

    Fridgemaster MUZ4965 Freezer

    Undercounter freezer
  4. Fridgemaster MUR4996 Fridge

    Fridgemaster MUR4996 Fridge

    undercounter fridge
  5. Fridgemaster MUZ5582A2 Freezer

    Fridgemaster MUZ5582A2 Freezer

    undercounter freezer
  6. Fridgemaster MUR55118 Fridge

    Fridgemaster MUR55118 Fridge

    undercounter fridge
  7. Fridgemaster MUL55137A2 Fridge

    Fridgemaster MUL55137A2 Fridge

    Larder Fridge
  8. Fridgemaster MTL55249 Fridge

    Fridgemaster MTL55249 Fridge

    tall larder fridge
  9.  Fridgemaster MBUZ6097 Freezer

    Fridgemaster MBUZ6097 Freezer

    Integrated Under Counter Freezer

    Was: £269.00

    Now: £223.00

  10. Fridgemaster MTL55300 Fridge

    Fridgemaster MTL55300 Fridge

    tall fridge
  11. Fridgemaster MTZ55183FF Freezer

    Fridgemaster MTZ55183FF Freezer

    Tall White Frost Free Freezer

There's no need to compromise on style when you're looking for great value. Fridgemaster's diverse range of refrigerators, freezers and fridge freezers offer advanced designs and technology innovations at affordable prices.