1. Hisense E6431C 60cm Ceramic Hob

    Ceramic hob

    Was: £179.00

    Now: £169.99

  2. Hisense RB413N4AW1 Fridge Freezer

    Freestanding a+ fridge freezer frost free in white
  3. Hisense RL423N4AC11 320L Freestanding Fridge

    Tall fridge

  4. Hisense RQ563N4AF1 Fridge Freezer

    PureFlat Fridge Freezer - Black Steel

    Was: £589.00

    Now: £529.00

  5. Hisense RF540N4WI1 Fridge Freezer

    Fridge Freezer - steinless steel

    Was: £699.00

    Now: £589.00

  6. Hisense RF540N4WF1 Fridge Freezer

    Fridge Freezer - Black Steel

    Was: £699.00

    Now: £589.00

  7. Hisense RQ689N4AC1 American Fridge Freezer

    American Style Four Door Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel

    Was: £899.00

    Now: £829.00

Technology, quality, integrity and responsibility are the four key elements of Hisense. Over the years, Hisense have moved to develop energy saving products that are more environmentally friendly.