1. Hoover UNP300RS Vacuum Cleaner

    Hoover UNP300RS Vacuum Cleaner

    Unplugged Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

    Was: £199.00

    Now: £129.00

  2. Hoover TP71 Vacuum Cleaner

    Hoover TP71 Vacuum Cleaner

    Turbo Power Upright Vacuum Cleaner Green And Champagne
  4. Hoover HGL64SX Gas hob

    Hoover HGL64SX Gas hob

    60cm 4 zone gas hob
  5. Hoover VL81VL02 Vacuum Cleaner

    Hoover VL81VL02 Vacuum Cleaner

    Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Grey & Red
  6. Hoover HGH64SCX Gas Hob

    Hoover HGH64SCX Gas Hob

    60cm 4 zone gas hob
  7. Hoover HFLE5485WE Fridge

    Hoover HFLE5485WE Fridge

    Undercounter Fridge in White
  8. Hoover HL54WE Larder Fridge

    Hoover HL54WE Larder Fridge

    Hoover HL54WE 55cm Under Counter Larder Fridge White
  9. Hoover HZ54WE Undercounter Freezer

    Hoover HZ54WE Undercounter Freezer

    55cm Undercounter Freezer in White
  10. Hoover HSO8650X Single Oven

    Hoover HSO8650X Single Oven

    Essence 65L Multifunction Single Electric Oven - Stainless Steel

    Was: £249.00

    Now: £199.00

  11. Hoover VTC590B Condenser Dryer

    Hoover VTC590B Condenser Dryer

    Condenser Dryer in white

    Was: £239.00

    Now: £209.00

  12. Hoover HBRUP164NK Fridge

    Hoover HBRUP164NK Fridge

    Built Under Larder Fridge
  13. Hoover HDI1LO38s-80 Integrated Dishwasher

    Hoover HDI1LO38s-80 Integrated Dishwasher

    Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - Black Control Panel with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - A+ Rated

    Was: £249.00

    Now: £228.00

  14. Hoover VTC580Nb Tumble Dryer

    Hoover VTC580Nb Tumble Dryer

    Condenser Tumble Dryer - White
  15. Hoover HDYN1L390OW Freestanding Dishwasher

    Hoover HDYN1L390OW Freestanding Dishwasher

    13 Place Freestanding Dishwasher With One Touch - White

    Was: £269.00

    Now: £239.00

  16. Hoover hsc574w Fridge Freezer

    Hoover hsc574w Fridge Freezer

    55cm Freestanding Fridge Freezer 175x55cm static auto defrost fridge

    Was: £289.00

    Now: £239.00

  17. Hoover HEDS1064-80 Slimline Dishwasher

    Hoover HEDS1064-80 Slimline Dishwasher

    45cm slimline dishwasher
  18. Hoover HCT90X Hood

    Hoover HCT90X Hood

    Cooker Hood
  19. Hoover HL1482D3 Washing Machine

    Hoover HL1482D3 Washing Machine

    Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 1400rpm Spin Energy Rating: A+++

    Was: £289.00

    Now: £259.00

  20. Hoover DXC9DCE Condenser Dryer

    Hoover DXC9DCE Condenser Dryer

    9Kg Condenser Dryer

Hoover is a household name, known worldwide as a maker of quality appliances. The Hoover aim is to understand your requirements and develop products to fulfil them.