1. Neff Z11SZ90X0 Seamless Strip

    Neff Z11SZ90X0 Seamless Strip

    Seamless Combination Strips
  2. Neff D61LAC1N0B Hood

    Neff D61LAC1N0B Hood

    60cm Conventional Cooker Hood
  3. Neff D66B21N0G Chimney Hood

    Neff D66B21N0G Chimney Hood

    60cm Chimney Cooker Hood Stainless Steel
  4. Neff T26BR46N0 Gas Hob

    Neff T26BR46N0 Gas Hob

    58cm Four Burner Gas Hob Stainless Steel
  5. Neff T26BR46W0 Gas Hob

    Neff T26BR46W0 Gas Hob

    Side Control 60cm Four Burner Gas Hob White
  6. Neff T26BR46S0 Gas Hob

    Neff T26BR46S0 Gas Hob

    Side Control 60cm Four Burner Gas Hob Black
  7. Neff D46BR22N0B Telescopic Hood

    Neff D46BR22N0B Telescopic Hood

    60cm Telescopic Hood
  8. Neff D69B20N0GB Hood

    Neff D69B20N0GB Hood

    Standard 90cm Chimney Hood in Stainless steel

    Was: £269.00

    Now: £229.00

  9. Neff D67B21N0GB Chimney Hood

    Neff D67B21N0GB Chimney Hood

    70cm Chimney Cooker Hood Stainless Steel
  10. Neff T26BB46N0 Gas Hob

    Neff T26BB46N0 Gas Hob

    60cm Gas Hob

Neff understands that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With ovens at the heart of range, passion for cooking drives our innovation. Neff models have been specifically designed to be your true partner in the kitchen.