1. Neff D49ED22N0B Telescopic Hood

    90cm Telescopic Cooker Hood Silver Metallic
  2. Neff D46ED22N0B Telescopic Hood

    60cm Telescopic Hood
  3. Neff B1GCC0AN0B N 30 Built-in Circotherm Single Oven

    Single oven

    Was: £399.00

    Now: £349.00

  4. Neff B1ACE4HN0B Single Oven

    N50 CircoTherm Single Oven

    Was: £499.00

    Now: £459.00

  5. Neff D65IHM1S0B Hood

    angled chimney hood

    Was: £599.00

    Now: £526.00

  6. Neff D85IBE1S0B 80cm Angled Chimney Hood

    Chimney hood

  7. Neff D46ML54N0B Telescopic Hood

    60cm Telescopic Cooker Hood Stainless Steel
  8. Neff D95IHM1S0B Hood

    angled chimney hood

    Was: £669.00

    Now: £566.00

  9. Neff C1AMG83N0B Microwave Combination Oven

    Compact 45cm Microwave Combination Oven

    Was: £695.00

    Now: £583.00

  10. Neff D49ML54N0B Telescopic Hood

    90cm Telescopic Hood
  11. Neff B4ACF1AN0B Single Oven

    N50 CircoTherm Single Oven SlideAway Door

    Was: £776.00

    Now: £618.00

  12. Neff D95FRM1S0B Hood

    slimline hood
  13. Neff B14P42N5GB Single Oven

    built-in/under single oven Electric Built-in in Stainless steel
  14. Neff B6ACH7HN0B Single Oven 13amp rated pyro clean oven slide and hide

    Pyrolytic Single Oven

    Was: £799.00

    Now: £697.00

  15. Neff D95IMT1N0B Hood

    Angled Glass Design Chimney Hood Black
  16. Neff B47CR32N1B Single Oven

    13 Amp Slide & Hide Multifunction Single Oven
  17. Neff D49PU54X0B Telescopic Hood

    90cm Telescopic Hood

    Was: £855.00

    Now: £772.00

  18. Neff B4ACM5HN0B Single Oven

    Slide & Hide Single Oven

    Was: £809.00

    Now: £773.00

  19. Neff B5ACH7AN0B Single Oven

    Slide & Hide Pyrolytic Single Oven – STAINLESS STEEL
  20. Neff B47CS34N0B Single Oven

    Slide & Hide Electric Built-in Single Oven Stainless Steel

Neff understands that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With ovens at the heart of range, passion for cooking drives our innovation. Neff models have been specifically designed to be your true partner in the kitchen.