New World

  1. New World UWD14 Warming Drawer

    New World UWD14 Warming Drawer

    Stainless Steel Warming Drawer
  2. New World IHF60T Hob

    New World IHF60T Hob

    Induction Hob
  3. New World NW601GSS Oven

    New World NW601GSS Oven

    60cm Wide Single Gas Oven In Stainless Steel
  4. New World NW701G Oven

    New World NW701G Oven

    Twin Cavity Gas Oven

    Was: £429.00

    Now: £389.00

  5. New World NW901G Oven

    New World NW901G Oven

    90cm Built In Twin Cavity Gas Oven - Stainless Steel
  6. New World NWNH550TSIDLM Cooker

    New World NWNH550TSIDLM Cooker

    55cm Freestanding Cooker in White or Silver

New World is putting the kitchen at the heart of the home since early beginnings over 120 years ago. New World gone on to become a household name, with thoughtfully designed appliances that put the joy back into cooking and entertaining.