1. Siemens LB23364GB Hood

    Siemens LB23364GB Hood

    canopy hood
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  2. Siemens LE62031GB Hood

    Siemens LE62031GB Hood

    integrated hood
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  3. Siemens LB54564GB Hood

    Siemens LB54564GB Hood

    canopy hood
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  4. Siemens LE64130GB Hood

    Siemens LE64130GB Hood

    60cm wide Integrated Cooker Hood
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  5. Siemens EB6B5PB60 Hob

    Siemens EB6B5PB60 Hob

    60cm 4 Burner Gas Hob
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  6. Siemens LC64WA521B Hood

    Siemens LC64WA521B Hood

    IQ-100 60cm Pyramid Chimney Hood
  7. Siemens LB55564GB Hood

    Siemens LB55564GB Hood

    53cm Wide Canopy Hood Silver Metallic
  8. Siemens EG6B5PB60 Hob

    Siemens EG6B5PB60 Hob

    60cm 4 Burner Gas Hob
  9. Siemens EB6B5HB60 Hob

    Siemens EB6B5HB60 Hob

    58cm Four Burner Gas Hob Stainless Steel
  10. Siemens LB75564GB Hood

    Siemens LB75564GB Hood

    canopy hood

When you buy any SIEMENS appliance you can relax, confident in the fact that you've purchased a product from one of Germany's most respected manufacturers. Reputation for innovation, quality and reliability is fully backed up by a nationwide service division in the UK.