1. Smeg KLF11 Kettle

    Smeg KLF11 Kettle

    retro style kettle in cream
  2. Smeg KLF03PBUK Kettle

    Smeg KLF03PBUK Kettle

    Retro Kettle
  3. Smeg TSF01 Toaster

    Smeg TSF01 Toaster

    50's Retro Style Aesthetic
  4. Smeg TSF02 Toaster

    Smeg TSF02 Toaster

    Retro Style 4-Slice Toaster
  5. Smeg BLF01PBUK Blender

    Smeg BLF01PBUK Blender

    Pastel Blue Retro Style Blender
  6. Smeg S64S Gas Hob

    Smeg S64S Gas Hob

    Cucina Gas Hob in stainless steel
  7. Smeg S64SN Gas Hob

    Smeg S64SN Gas Hob

    Cucina Gas Hob In Black
  8. Smeg P1640X Hob

    Smeg P1640X Hob

    60cm wide Linea Gas Hob

    Was: £199.00

    Now: £179.00

  9. Smeg P1641XT Gas Hob  **last few be quick**

    Smeg P1641XT Gas Hob **last few be quick**

    Linea 4 Burner 60cm Gas Hob With Ultra Rapid Burner And Cast Iron Pan Stands Stainless Steel

    Was: £279.00

    Now: £210.00

  10. Smeg SER64SNX3 Hob

    Smeg SER64SNX3 Hob

    60cm Gas Hob in Stainless Steel
  11. Smeg SR264XGH Gas Hob

    Smeg SR264XGH Gas Hob

    Cucina 60cm Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Hob with New Style Controls
  12. Smeg P1640XT Hob (free delivery)

    Smeg P1640XT Hob (free delivery)

    60cm Gas hob, Stainless Steel
  13. Smeg P1641X Hob

    Smeg P1641X Hob

    60cm "Linea" Gas hob, Stainless Steel
  14. Smeg SE60SGH3 Gas Hob

    Smeg SE60SGH3 Gas Hob

    60cm Classic Gas Hob
  15. Smeg SER60SGH3 Hob

    Smeg SER60SGH3 Hob

    60CM "Classic" Gas hob with Cast Iron pan stands
  16. Smeg SR964NGH Gas Hob(Free delivery)

    Smeg SR964NGH Gas Hob(Free delivery)

    Victoria 60cm Black 4 Burner Gas Hob
  17. Smeg SE70SGH-5 Gas Hob

    Smeg SE70SGH-5 Gas Hob

    Classic 70cm Gas Hob with Cast Iron Pan Stands
  18. Smeg DFD6133X Dishwasher

    Smeg DFD6133X Dishwasher

    60cm Dishwasher in Silver, 13 Place Settings A+ Rated
  19. Smeg SMF01 Stand Mixer

    Smeg SMF01 Stand Mixer

    50's Retro Style Aesthetic
  20. Smeg SF478N Oven

    Smeg SF478N Oven


    Was: £389.00

    Now: £359.00

SMEG is the Italian domestic appliances brand producing beautiful appliances that combine technology and style.