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Added Peace of Mind with a Bosch 5-Year Warranty

Jun 8, 2021 | Bosch News

For many, an appliance can seem like quite an investment. Especially if you’ve had a previous model breakdown or simply come to the end of its life, such an unexpected cost can leave you looking for a model that you know you can trust for years to come.

A company long praised for their outstanding products and design solutions, Bosch is proud to offer their customers the peace of mind and reassurance of a 5-year warranty on some of their best-selling appliances.

With over 86 years of experience in creating home appliances, Bosch ensures that each product they develop is tested to perform consistently throughout its lifetime.

Here at Appliance World Online, we are proud to stock a wide range of Bosch appliances both online and in-store, all at exceptional prices. Should you be interested, make sure to visit and view our range of outstanding Bosch appliances, that you can rely on, today.

What Appliances are Included?

All Bosch home appliances will come complete with a 2-year warranty. However, for a limited period, the following appliances will come with free extended parts and labour 5-year warranty;

HBS53BS0B Oven

HBS53BS0B Oven

Finished in a sleek and modern fascia, the Bosch HBS53BS0B is an exceptional built-in oven, which comes complete with a range of additional features.

Thanks to the smart 3D HotAir, you’ll be able to achieve perfect baking and roasting results simultaneously, on up to three levels. Before you know it, with the Bosch HBS53BS0B oven, no recipe will be too complex. You’ll be cooking up a storm!

With this oven, cleaning will become a breeze too. If your oven is lightly soiled in between uses, simply just place water and washing-up liquid in the base pan and the environmentally friendly cleaning system will soften any baked-on splashes and residues. Then, all you’ll need to do is wipe down the sides, making cleaning the oven fast and easy.

PIE651BB1E Induction Hob

PIE651BB1E Induction Hob

Faster than gas and ceramic hobs, much easier to clean and more energy-efficient, the PIE651BB1E induction hob will fit perfectly into any kitchen space.

This hob is finished with a range of smart features, including touch select, where you can select and regulate your desired cooking zone easily. Simply choose the power level needed and you’ll be ready to go.

QuickStart is another impressive feature, which will tell the hob which cooking zone the pan is on. All you’ll need to do is choose a temperature to cook at.

What’s more, a handy ChildLock will lock the control panel when you are away from the hob, to prevent little hands from making accidental changes in the settings.

DWK67CM60B Cooker Hood

DWK67CM60B Cooker Hood

Designed with both functionality and style in mind, the Bosch DWK67CM60B cooker hood will provide you with consistent, clean air.

TouchSelect control will allow you to directly select three power levels or one more intensive setting and with a push of a button, you can turn on the hood’s LED lights for bright and clear lighting over your hob.

In fact, with the DWK67CM60B cooker hood, no matter whether your kitchen space is open-plan or small and closed-off, you’ll be able to access optimum air volume.

WIW28501GB Washing Machine

WIW28501GB Washing Machine

The WIW28501GB washing machine is exceptionally quiet, thanks to the smart EcoSilence Drive and Silence programme. With this model, you’ll be able to enjoy supremely quiet operation and excellent durability, every cycle.

We’ve all done it; put our favourite clothes in the washing machine on the wrong cycle and unfortunately ruined them. However with the WIW28501GB, you’ll be able to access a powerful, yet gentle wash thanks to the unique VarioDrum system. This system uses an even water distribution to gently and efficiently wash even your most delicate clothes, without any damage.

In fact, with the WIW28501GB, you’ll never miss an item again, either. The reload function will allow you to add missed items or even remove clothes during a wash cycle. All you need to do is pause the cycle and open the door.

Sometimes, a noisy washing machine can be a nuisance, especially when you want to enjoy a quiet dinner with family, or simply just relax. Yet, with Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive, your washing machine will be so quiet that you’ll forget it’s even there! Equipped with a brushless, energy-efficient motor, this appliance reduces friction noise making it not just silent but also considerably more durable!

SMD6ZCX60G Dishwasher

SMD6ZCX60G Dishwasher

The SMD6ZCX60G dishwasher from Bosch will achieve you the best drying results and spotlessly clean dishes. In fact, as a manufacturer, Bosch has been named the world’s number one brand for dishwashers, leading the way with their range of smart features to make your life that bit easier.

Including features such as TimeLight, VarioDrawer and EcoSilence Drive, you can be sure to trust your dishwasher to achieve perfect results without fail.

TimeLight will keep you informed that your dishwasher is operating and how much longer the current cycle will be running, by displaying the remaining time of operation on the floor below the appliance.

VarioDrawer is a function that will provide you with high-level flexibility. Sometimes, you simply cannot fit everything in your dishwasher, however, with VarioDrawer, this problem will be solved. This extra level will provide you with the ideal place for cutlery and smaller utensils such as ladles and whisks.

Finally, EcoSilence Drive will keep the appliance quiet whilst still delivering high-performance cleaning. Equipped with a brushless, energy-saving motor that reduces friction your dishwasher will run much smoother and quieter.

KIR81AFE0G Single Door Fridge

KIR81AFE0G Single Door Fridge

If you are looking for a way to keep your food fresher for longer and to reduce food waste in your home, then look no further than the KIR81AFE0G Single Door Fridge.

Complete with VitaFresh plus container, you can store fruits and vegetables with humidity control to prolong your food storage and keep everything packed full of all important vitamins and minerals.

The KIR81AFE0G also comes with the VarioShelf, to allow you to effortlessly adjust your fridge to the items stored inside. Should you need to store a larger item, such as a bottle or bowl, the front half of the above shelf will smoothly slide underneath the back.

GIN81AEF0G Single Door Freezer

Say goodbye to endless defrosting and hello to the GIN81AEF0G from Bosch.

Complete with a generous storage capacity and the smart NoFrost function, no longer will you have to sit and defrost your freezer. As this function reduces the humidity within the freezer, it is capable of stopping the formation of ice, therefore meaning that your food will also be frozen quickly yet gently.


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