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KGE49VI4AG Fridge Freezers Review From Appliance World

Aug 28, 2019 | Bosch Refrigeration Reviews, Bosch Reviews, Reviews

The new KGE49VI4AG fridge-freezer combo from Bosch is packed full of some of the most advanced features available making this appliance an absolute pleasure to use. The stunning steel finish of the fridge-freezer will blend into any kitchen effortlessly, simply adding a level of elegance to your kitchen that will be noticed by every guest that steps foot inside of your home.

Reliable Refrigeration

​The Bosch KGE49VI4AG fridge-freezer can be relied on for all of your refrigeration needs, this is due to the highest quality components the appliance is constructed out of ensuring it can be trusted for years to come. Contained within the fridge-freezer is a metal bottle rack perfect for storing your favourite beverages. One of the main benefits of having a metal bottle rack is that the everyday wear and tear of life will not cause the bottle rack to deteriorate. Bosch is renown for only using the most durable and reliable materials and this new appliance is no exception.

Packed Full of The Most Advanced Features

​For those who are looking for a fridge freezer that is not only reliable but is packed full of amazing features this is the perfect appliance for you. One of the incredible features found within this appliance is the two separate cooling circuits. This allows you to have full control of the different compartments individually. This allows you to keep your frozen ice cream the perfect temperature which is neither too hard nor too soft while keeping your chilled goods the exact temperature you desire. The two separate cooling circuits also prevent odour transfer so you can store fish and a cake in this fridge freezer with no chance of any flavours mixing.

VitaFresh compartments allow you to store your favourite fruit and veg in the perfect environment to ensure they are kept fresher for longer. This is great for large families who are looking for new ways to encourage themselves to eat healthier. The most common problem when buying fruit and veg is that it tends to go off much quicker than other food products. This is simply due to them not being stored in the correct environment to promote freshness. VitaFresh allows you to adjust the humidity of the dedicated fruit and veg storage section helping to keep fresh veg crisp for longer. This will help to reduce the amount of food that goes to waste each week helping achieve a more sustainable way of eating.

Energy Efficiency

The new Bosch KGE49VI4AG fridge-freezer combo is packed with some of the most advanced features found on the market today while also running in an energy-efficient manner. This appliance has an energy efficiency rating of A+++ which makes it a great investment for anyone who may be looking for a way to keep their energy bills to a minimum each month. The Bosch fridge freezer also comes with a built-in alarm to notify you when someone may have left the door open. This is a great feature for those with little ones that may have got to that stage where they love to play with everything they can get their hands on. This feature is another way great way to ensure your appliance is running as energy-efficient as possible.

Getting the best fridge-freezer for your kitchen is often challenging, even once you have picked Bosch you still require great customer service and delivery options accross the UK. At Appliance World you can get the Bosch KGE49VI4AG with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, click here for more information.