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WDU28560GB Washer Dryer From Appliance World

Aug 23, 2019 | Bosch Laundry Reviews, Bosch Reviews

The new Serie 6 Washer dryer from Bosch is the perfect investment for those who want to eliminate the hassle of washing and drying their clothes. The incredible ten-kilogram capacity drum ensures that washing for the entire family can be completed in one load instead of two or three loads. This will save you time when doing the laundry and means you are able to have more time to spend on the things that really matter like enjoying time with your beloved family.

Gently dried laundry

This Bosch WDU28560GB not only washes your clothes but can also perfectly dry your clothes to your exact requirements thanks to the new auto dry feature. This feature allows you to have full control over the degree of dryness achieved with every cycle. The large six-kilogram dryer capacity allows you to tackle large loads with ease enabling you to take care of the entire families laundry needs simply in one cycle. The washer-dryer will take care of your laundry needs in one energy-efficient compact appliance. This is perfect for those who may have limited space within their property and need an appliance that is able to take care of all the family laundry needs in one place.

Find the perfect program for your load

The new Bosch washer dryer offers a wide variety of specialised programs helping to make laundry day much easier. This appliance is extremely versatile as it offers a program for a range of everyday scenarios. The super-quick program allows you to wash a small load of clothes in as little as fifteen minutes or wash and dry a load in only sixty minutes which is perfect for that last-minute school uniform that has only been discovered dirty an hour before its time to leave. This amazing super quick programs allows you to have perfectly clean clothes in a matter of minutes with no compromise on the quality of the wash. Allergy plus is another specialised program found on the Serie 6 Washer dryer that helps remove 99.9% of allergens including pollen. This is perfect for those who suffer from hay fever as it will remove most of the pollen found on your clothes after a warm summer’s day.

EcoSilence Drive

Thanks to the perfectly designed Bosch Serie 6 Washer dryer every load is completed in an efficient but quiet manner. The ecoSilence drive is an amazing feature that enables you to leave the washer dryer running overnight with no disturbance to your well-needed rest. It is genuinely incredible how quiet the programs can be run and the vibration generated by the appliance is also kept to a minimum due to the uniquely designed side panel of the appliance. EcoSilence also means that this washer dryer offers all the outstanding efficiency you’d expect from Bosch ensuring that your bills are kept to a minimum month after month.

Select the perfect program with ease

Selecting the perfect wash for your clothes has never been easier. The illuminated intuitive dial allows you to have complete ease of control when operating the washer dryer allowing you to easily select the perfect washing program for your needs. This feature is accompanied by an incredible direct display so you can have complete control over how your laundry is washed and dried. This feature is perfect for those difficult to wash materials that require an exact temperature for the perfect results.

Getting the best oven for your kitchen is often challenging, even once you have picked the Bosch you still require great customer service and delivery options accross the UK. At Appliance World you can get the Bosch WDU28560GB with great service and a guaranteed excellent price. If you wish to find out more about other Bosch products click here for more information.