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WAT286H0GB Washing Machine From Appliance World

Aug 23, 2019 | Bosch Laundry Reviews, Bosch Reviews, Reviews

The WAT286H0GB washing machine provides the everyday home with an opportunity to reduce the stress of the weekly laundry routine, leaving you to simply kick back and relax while the appliance takes care of everything. Packed full with all of the latest features available on the market you can almost guarantee that this appliance will change your weekly laundry routine for the better.

Perfectly washed laundry every time

It can be very difficult to balance the time between looking after the kids and still keeping on top of the laundry every week. Thanks to the amazing I-DOS system there is now no need to measure out how much detergent and softener is needed for each wash. This amazing appliance takes care of everything for you! Simply filling up the draw full with your favourite detergent and softener the appliance will automatically calculate the amount of liquid is needed for your specific wash load and will only use what it needs. This feature is absolutely perfect for those with large families that may not always have the time needed to make sure the perfect amount of washing detergent is put in the machine every time. This feature will not only save you time but will also save you money as the appliance will only use exactly what it needs.

The WAT286H0GB washing machine from Bosch also allows you to have full customisation of the wash cycle. There are a wide variety of pre-set programs that can be found on the illuminated control dial which is great for when you’re in a rush and you simply need to select a program and go. If you possess clothing that must be washed in a specific way the washing machine also allows you to set a specific temperature and spin speed. This further level of customisation allows you to still have full control over every wash. Thanks to the 1400 spin speed you also have the ability to run a speed wash for that last-minute outfit that needs a quick freshen up before heading for a family day out.

Minimal disturbance to the rest of the home

Ecosilence drive is an incredible feature that can be found within this washing machine, this feature will provide the best washing results without the compromise of having a loud washing machine. The EcoSilence drive ensures that your appliance will run with minimal noise and disturbance generated to the rest of the home. This appliance also offers an anti-vibration design which helps to reduce the amount of vibration that is generated by each cycle keeping your washing cycle going unnoticed in the background while you relax and spend some quality time with the family.

The EcoSilence drive not only helps keep the disturbance to the rest of your home to a minimum but also ensures that the appliance is as energy-efficient as possible. This washing machine is rated A++ for energy efficiency and this means that every cycle will be using only the energy that it needs with very little going to waste. Due to this washing machine being energy efficient it will help to keep your bills to a minimum every month.

Stay in control of your washing machine from anywhere

Home Connect allows you to have full control of the washing machine while on the go thanks to the new home connect application, this can be installed on any smartphone or PC tablet app. This amazing feature allows you to connect the washing machine to the wifi network in your home so you can remotely control your appliance. It can be difficult to choose the perfect washing program for your clothes so simply tell your home connect app what clothes are within the washing machine and it will then work out the perfect program for your specific needs. The home connect app will also inform you if any items should come out and be washed in a different way. This further level of intelligence provided by the application makes laundry day easier for all.

Getting the best Washing machine for your kitchen is often challenging, even once you have picked the Bosch you still require great customer service and delivery options in accross the UK. At Appliance World you can get the Bosch WAT286H0GB with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, click here for more information.