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WAWH8660GB Washing Machine Review From Appliance World

Aug 28, 2019 | Bosch Laundry Reviews, Bosch Reviews, Reviews

The new Bosch WAWH8660GB Washing Machine is one of the most advanced washing machines available on the market today. Bosch is renown for creating incredibly high-quality appliances that are simply invented for everyday life and this appliance is no exception. There is an extensive range of features that make this appliance an absolute pleasure to use and they are all packed within a sleek yet practical design, created as part of a line up you can rely on from Bosch.

Latest Features

​The incredible new i-DOS system is a great new feature found within this Bosch Washing Machine. This system will automatically measure the precise amount of detergent and water needed for each load to ensure your clothes will be washed perfectly every time. This feature not only ensures that every wash comes out looking clean as new but also helps to reduce the amount of water and detergent that goes to waste. When you are extremely busy keeping up with family life it can be easy to just guess how much detergent is needed for each cycle. Thanks to the i-Dos system the washing machine will take care of everything helping to save you time and money with every wash load.

The Bosch WAWH8660GB Washing Machine also comes with new home connect feature which enables you to take care of your laundry needs even when you are on the go. Home Connect allows you to control your washing machine from your smartphone or tablet. This is a very practical and can only be found within the most technologically advanced appliances. Home Connect is an amazing feature for all busy parents, sometimes you may forget that you will not be home in time to take the washing out, the home connect app allows you to pause and resume the cycle from wherever you desire. This ensures the wash is completed at the exact time you need.

This Bosch washing machine contains the unique WaveDrum design that allows it to tackle the most difficult of stains while being gentle on the delicate fibres in your clothes. This innovative feature is perfect for washing your favourite clothing items in a careful manner that will not cause any damage, giving you peace of mind that no matter what clothing item you put in the washing machine it will exit perfectly clean and with no signs of damage.

Energy Efficiency

​The new WAWH8660GB offers a range of advanced features that make this appliance a pleasure to use while also is taking steps to reduce the amount of waste created by each cycle. Thanks to the i-Dos system less water and detergent are going to waste each cycle. This washing machine also has an energy rating of A+++ which is incredible for those who may be looking for new ways to help reduce their energy bills as this appliance will waste very little energy each cycle. This makes the Bosch WAWH8660GB an ideal investment for any large families that may have large laundry demands every week. This appliance is not only extremely energy efficient but can be relied on for constant use due to the build quality and the high-quality materials it may be constructed out of.

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