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Maximise Your Drying with a Bosch Dishwasher

May 19, 2021 | Bosch News

Today, a dishwasher is commonplace in most homes, yet typically they are judged on two things; their cleaning performance and their drying power. The last thing you want to do is put your glasses and dinnerware on to wash for them to come out with annoying residual moisture and lime spots.

With every detail throughout engineered to make your household chores totally effortless, Bosch will help make everyday life easier than ever, representing uncompromising quality and absolute reliability.

Choose Perfectly Dry Dishes, Even Plastics

PerfectDry is a clever function from Bosch, which will help you to save energy using natural minerals and Zeolith technology to dry everything to perfection with a strong, yet gentle 3D warm airflow.

The Zeolith technology will efficiently transform humidity into warm air, therefore improving the drying process and leading to better results on glasses, dishes and even plastics. In fact, you can expect these perfect results for the entire life span of the dishwasher.

With PerfectDry, you can say goodbye to your tea towels and let your dishwasher do all of the hard work!


Reduce Programme Times without Compromising on Quality

The SpeedPerfect+ option will also help to reduce programme times without compromising on quality. Therefore, you’ll be able to achieve the same hygienically clean and dry results, in a third of the time of the typical Eco setting.



The SpeedPerfect+ setting will wash your dishes in a much faster than average time, whilst still ensuring that you receive perfect results. This makes it especially useful if you have a busy household, or you’re entertaining and need to wash lots of dishes over a short period. Before you know it you’ll have clean dishes and sparkling cutlery, ready to use straight away.


Adjusts to Your Needs

The SpeedPerfect+ function is much more than just a one size fits all, time-saving feature. In fact, it can also work in combination with a range of other programmes to give you results that fit your specific needs, perfectly.


Choose a Dishwasher that Drys as Well as it Washes

Bosch dishwashers are built to the highest standards, with precision engineering and innovative technology, allowing them to be long-recognised as the leading innovator within the industry.


Find the Right Bosch Dishwasher, For You, Today

If you are in the market for the perfect Bosch dishwasher, complete with PerfectDry, SpeedPerfect+ and other such industry-leading functions, make sure to get in touch with our team of Bosch experts here at Appliance World Online.

As a family-run company, we have many years of experience in providing Bosch electrical goods and we can offer you a wide range of appliances, all at unbeatable prices complete with delivery.

Should you need more advice or simply some additional information on the best options for you and your individual requirements, make sure to call us today on 0161 793 3030.