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C1AMG83N0B Compact Oven From Appliance World

Sep 12, 2019 | Neff Cooking Reviews, Neff Reviews

Make mealtimes even easier with the integrated C1AMG83N0 Compact Oven by NEFF. It’s stylish design and huge range of functions will fit perfectly into any kitchen design. It has a 44-litre capacity, making it a wonderful choice for creating mouth-watering meals for larger households. The compact oven has a 900 Watt power output which means that you will never have to wait very long for your favourite meals, as food is warmed through to perfection.

A Whole Host Of Functions

​The 45cm high, built-in combination microwave is suitable for defrosting, reheating and the preparation of dishes, using the Hotair function. The Hotair system constantly circulates the heat inside your oven, so that your meals are evenly cooked every time, making it the perfect function for baked goods such as cookies or cakes.

The built-in microwave has 5 heating functions including a full surface grill at 1750 Watt, will heat the entire surface of the grill and maintain the same heat through the entirety of the cooking process. CircoTherm Intensive is also included which generates heat from the bottom of the oven, this is perfect for foods which need a crispy base such as loaves of bread, pizza or pastries. It even has a range of automatic cooking programmes, which will perfectly work out the perfect temperature and cooking time for you, which means you can enjoy a vast range of exciting meals, at the touch of  a button.

There are a total of 4 defrost programmes and 3 cooking programmes in the microwave and what is even better is that the microwave can be used separately or in combination with the oven leaving you with endless cooking opportunities to choose from.

The C1AMG83N0 Compact Oven by NEFF even has a range of cooking programmes including a pizza setting, which works out the perfect temperature and cooking time for you and your meals, so you can enjoy a range of dishes, at the touch of a button.

Extra Features

​This compact oven has control dials & touch buttons which help with easy access, yet still have a control panel lock which will prevent your children from opening the oven door, touching the controls and potentially injuring themselves and there is an automatic safety switch-off feature which will automatically cut if you haven’t made any changes to any settings on the appliance for a long time. This acts as an added safety measure whilst cooking, to give you extra peace of mind.

The compact microwave oven allows you to cook, grill, reheat or defrost any meal at the same performance as a larger model. You are able to get the most out of your cooking space and prepare a huge range of dishes all in one appliance.

To find out more about the NEFF C1AMG83N0B Compact Oven from Appliance World, with flexible delivery options accross the UK. Contact us today on for more information on this NEFF double oven. If you wish to find out more about other NEFF ovens or products click here for more information.