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Siemens EU631BEF1B Induction Hob Review From Appliance World

Sep 17, 2019 | Siemens Cooking Reviews, Siemens Reviews

Induction cooking is becoming increasingly more and more popular as homeowners discover the safety and energy saving benefits this cooking technology has to offer. The EU631BEF1B Hob from Siemens is an easy-to-use, entry level four zone hob that is manufactured to the exceedingly high standards of typical of a Siemens product. Upon first impressions there is something aesthetically addictive about how the hob sits when installed. The slender 5cm depth is designed to sink straight into the worktop recess to leave a wafer thin cooking top that protrudes no more than a few millimetres from the surface. This gives you the impression of cooking on the worktop as opposed to an actual hob unit.

Simple Design – Versatile Capability

The entire cook top itself is styled in an attractive black finish with only the circular cooking zones and touch control buttons standing out through way of a white outline. The beauty is in the simplicity and Siemens have designed the controls for the EU631BEF1B sparingly ensuring that the minimal feeling is not pointlessly busied. Included is the appliance’s on/off button, individual hob selection buttons, heat level controls and a timer. All of these touch buttons can be quickly controlled with the light swish of a finger which is very quick and satisfying!  For all of the hob’s simplicities, it still includes a handful of useful features that are not just one-hit-wonders, but have a day-to-day application. For instance, the cooking zone cut-off feature will provide an instant power shut-off to any cooking zone once the cooking timer duration has expired. This means that you don’t have to worry about remembering to take your pan off the hob, freeing you up to get on with other tasks like lay the table or prep another dish. The entire hob can also be child locked at the tap of a button and this will render all burner zones functionless. Again – perfect if you are cooking around children and need to leave the hob unattended for any duration of time.

Goodbye To Residual Heat

Induction hobs have a unique selling point in that they create heat inside of the pan using a resisted electrical charge. The EU631BEF1B uses Siemens’ highly efficient powerInduction system which has an almost immediate pan heat-up time and since there is no hob to pan heat transfer, residual heat loss is at a minimum. In fact, the powerBoost function actually heats up the hob up to 50% faster. The reduction of residual heat is not only cost-effective but also safe whilst making cleaning the hob a short task. We found that in the absence of analog dials, pan supports and fiddly LPD jets, cleaning the EU631BEF1B was no different to wiping down a table. The special gloss finish makes it impossible for splashed on food to really stick to the hob’s surface and with no residual heat burning stains on, you are already winning when it comes to minimal maintenance.

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