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Oven Cleaning Methods

Pyrolytic Cleaning

The most popular cleaning system of all. This system uses extremely high temperatures to safely burn away any grease stains and splatters. Once this process has been done and its cooled down you simply wipe the ash away using a damp cloth. And voila, just like new!

Enamel Liners

The smooth coating on enamel liners prevents food and grease from sticking to the interior of your oven, making it incredibly easy to just wipe down with a damp cloth. Nice, easy and completely hassle free! The way cleaning your oven should be.

                               Catalytic Liners

These liners absorb and oxidise grease at high temperatures, so you can have your oven cleaned whilst you’re cooking! They are not always on every wall of the oven so just double check the specifications when you are doing your appliance research.

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