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5 New Uses For Your Broken Washing Machine

Monday, 9 February 2015 16:42:17 Europe/London

New Uses For A Broken Washing MachineIt’s packed in, caput; your washing machine has done its last cycle before going into indefinite retirement. Of course with an appliance as large as a washing machine you can’t simply put it in your front garden and expect the bin men to come and dispose of it you’ve got to do it all yourself, but wait, before you discard the appliance there may be some other uses for it.


Your trusty washing machine may be unfit for a repair or resale but there are some other uses for the broken appliance. Get your creative caps on, there’s a lot of metal and objects that can be used for other things inside that trustworthy device. Here are a few ideas that we came up with ourselves….


1. Budget Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Using the drum of the broken washing machine and placing it on a fire resistant surface you can make your very own stainless steel fire pit perfect for hanging around the fire on those summer nights. The way that the drum is designed with holes makes the supply of oxygen fantastic for a big toasty fire; alternatively you can also put a metal grate on top and convert it into your very own BBQ.


2. A New Home For Your Plants

Also by using the washing machine drum you can provide a quirky plant pot for your garden, give it a lick of paint and make it personal to what you want. All you have to do is add some soil, compost and flowers and ta-da! You’ve got your very own garden feature.


3. Reuse Other Parts For Various Projects

There are several parts in a washing machine that you can use for other projects or useful objects, for example you can take the glass door and make it into a cool bowl or even a port hole styled window. You can also use the motor to power another appliance, the wiring loom can be used for literally anything as it is always nice to have a bit of extra wire lying around & you can also salvage all the nuts, bolts and screws for other projects which may save you quite a bit by not having to visit your local hardware shop.


4. Build A Free Energy Machine

Potentially one for those with more advanced DIY skills, in browsing through the internet we have found a step by step guide on how to convert your dead washing machine into a generator which can generate your home enough power to live off the grid! All you need is a head of water, fascinating! Here is the video that we found….


5. Make A Stylish Bit Of Furniture

Using the old washing machine drums you can make funky lamps, patterned stools and more. There are several objects inside of a washing machine that you can salvage to make bits of furniture and trinkets across your household; all that is involved is a bit of creativity.

Think twice; when your appliances are on the brink of death then don’t just throw them away there are several household items that you can salvage from them. Alternatively, if your appliances are just in need of a repair then we can look at this for you, come visit Appliance World Online at our Manchester based store or call us directly for more information on 0161 660 46540161 660 4654 .

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