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Five Turkey Cooking Tips For This Christmas

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 13:34:21 Europe/London

Turkey Cooking Tips For ChristmasThe centrepiece of Christmas is of course the dinner and at the heart of the dinner is the Christmas Turkey. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran at turkey cooking or new to the tradition, we have written some tips so you can pick up a trick or two and be well on your way to having the perfect Christmas day!


Tip 1: How Big Is Your Turkey? There is quite literally nothing worse than having to accommodate left-over turkey meat in your fridge for a few days, well that is unless you want turkey left overs for Boxing Day sandwiches. Work it out to be at least 1 pound of turkey per person but for substantial left overs work it out at ½ per person.


Tip 2: Several Mouths To Feed? Go For Two Smaller Turkeys. Turkeys can be quite large and in order to fit in your oven you may need to switch to roasting two smaller roasted, unless you can upgrade to a larger range oven, see our extensive range for a better idea.


Tip 3: Think Of Your Fridge Space You also have to consider that you’ll have to fit your turkey into your fridge within a clean and sanitized cool area which is just big enough to fit it snugly. Also given that you have enough space you will also actually be able to brine your turkey in a cooler with ice.


Tip 4: Make Sure It’s Dry Whichever way you brine (unless you try dry brining) your turkey is irrelevant but you must make sure that you never pull it out of the brine and throw it straight in the oven. If you do put your turkey in the oven whilst it is still wet it will prevent the skin from getting hot enough to get crisp and brown. To fix the problem you can drain the cavity thoroughly or pat the turkey down with paper towels or if you’re after an even juicier taste you can leave it on a rimmed sheet pan overnight before roasting.


Tip 5: Deconstruct The Turkey You may not be willing to do it but the best way to fully cook your turkey to perfection is sacrificing the perfect whole bird. The unavoidable fact about turkey roasting is that when the thighs are fully done the breast meat tends to be overcooked, so by cooking the parts separately you can get the best overall result.

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