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Freestanding Fridge Freezer Manchester

Monday, 19 February 2018 15:22:00 Europe/London

Where to buy the best Fridge Freezer in Manchester

Appliance World's Fridge Freezer Guide

There's nothing wrong with a little preparation. Managing your weekly meal plans or making sure you have everything for Saturday's special dinner, the fridge can get pretty packed. Choosing from freestanding or built-in, there are plenty of features that are just as important as where you're going to put it. Competition between manufacturers has made it so there's a perfect fridge freezer for every kitchen. With a huge range of sizes, features and colour to choose from, manufacturers haven't made life easy when it comes to buying a new fridge freezer in Manchester.

At Appliance World, we stock a huge range of home appliances and can offer a huge range of manufacturer-branded products available to pick up from our showroom today. Our experienced team of appliance experts are on hand to demo and discuss the impressive range of fridges at Appliance World, so call us today on 0161 794 3030 for more information. 

Top tips when buying a new fridge freezer

American Style Fridge Freezer ManchesterWhen replacing your old fridge, you'll probably want to stick to the same type: whether that's freestanding, integrated or American style. If you're giving your entire kitchen a new look, then you may want to consider all types and which one would best match your new kitchen. The freestanding fridge freezer gives maximum flexibility when it comes to placement, and can be placed anywhere. Choosing an integrated appliance is perfect for hiding your fridge behind a cupboard, whilst the American style unit gives you much more storage space. Our appliance experts take a look at the types of fridge freezers available and how they best suit your needs. 

Freestanding fridge freezer

Generally the cheapest type of fridge,  the freestanding type will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to price, style and brand. From Hotpoint to Bosch, Samsung to Indesit, our products come in a range of sizes and prices so there's something here for every kitchen.

Perfect for renting unfurnished, or if you're considering a move - the freestanding fridge freezer can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. The flexibility of freestanding units has made it a popular choice for many homes but can often stand out or get in the way. 

Integrated fridge freezer

An integrated appliance (often referred to as built-in) is hidden away behind a cupboard or a door. Integrating an appliance is perfect for those who don't like having appliances on show in their home, as they provide your kitchen with a clean, spacious design. 

Generally more expensive than their freestanding counterpart, the integrated fridge freezer has fewer options when it comes to styles and size. 

Fridge Freezer sale Manchester

American fridge freezer

With more space than the other types of units, the American fridge freezer is perfect for a spacious kitchen. Their stylish, modern design can complete your kitchen and come with some of the most advanced cooling features. With pinpoint temperature controls and cold water dispensers, this American-style appliance is ideal for large families with bigger kitchens. 

American fridge-freezers are fast becoming a huge trend and a vital aspect to every person’s kitchen space. Due to their increased space and increased accessibility they have a plethora of advantages. They can hold a huge amount of produce and often come in many forms with different uses ranging from food show fridge-freezers to Wine Bars and Alcohol Storage and Refrigeration facilities. Here at Appliance World based in Manchester we have a vast expanding inventory of American fridge-freezers but what are the advantages of the American style and what can these advantages bring to the table in terms of your kitchen.

Appliance World is Manchester's largest independent kitchen appliance retailer. We have a huge range of American Style Fridge Freezers in store. 

The increased spaciousness of American Fridge Freezers is a huge advantage to these fridge systems. They offer a lot more storage space for both fresh and frozen produce in comparison to more conventional models. The range of adjustable shelves, racks and storage areas that these units hold allow you to hold the largest items that have to be stored in the fridge with ease. Tall bottles are often the bane of fridges taking up vast amounts of space but these are easily held in an American style fridge-freezer. The water dispenser attachments that these fridges have are also extremely useful. The ability to have ice cold water flowing at the touch of a button is extremely refreshing and convenient. 

The appearance and function of these units are also extremely sleek and fashionable. These units often have a lot of added features such as temperature alarms, digital displays, rapid chill function and adjustable temperature settings. The look and style of many of these units is also very streamlined and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Many of these units are an extremely fashionable and desirable addition to any kitchen. It is important to note that if your kitchen is a regular style then minor modifications may need to be made to your kitchen in order for it to be able to accommodate an American fridge-freezer unit. The units are very tall and wide and can also struggle to fit through standard European doorframe therefore it is important to consider these aspects and calculate dimensions of the area that you plan your fridge-freezer to be placed into.

Other aspects to consider are the size of the unit. The unit is much larger than the average English fridge and therefore it will use more power and resources than your average fridge unit. The double door system of the American fridge-freezer is also an important aspect to consider. You must ensure that you have enough space on both sides of the doors to allow for the fridge to allow it to open. These units often cost slightly more than their regular counterparts and are harder to open due to the weight that they hold due to more storage capacity for produce however this is made up for by the capacity of the unit. 

American Fridge-freezers are also extremely safe. In comparison to chest freezers for example the American model is safer if you have small children. It can be easy for children to hurt themselves with a chest freezer if they are reaching down into the bottom to get something out, especially with them having to hold the heavy lid up at the same time. With an American fridge-freezer, the freezer doors are operated on hinges instead of the box system having to be slide open and held whilst reaching on the inside. These aspects all result in the American fridge-freezer unit being an extremely advantageous unit to purchase especially in the current fridge-freezer climate. There are a lot of new models on the market and some even have specific functions such as Wine Bars and other drink holding units.

If you are interested or considering purchasing an American fridge-freezer today then do not hesitate to contact us at Appliance World Manchester to find out what the fuss is all about!  

Buying a fridge freezer with Appliance World

As leading appliance specialists in Manchester, Appliance World stock hundreds of appliances at fantastic prices. With a team of experienced appliance experts, we're here to help you find the perfect fridge freezer this summer. We have a great range of manufacturer brands including Bosch, Samsung, Hotpoint and much more. If you're looking for a cheap fridge freezer, take a look at some of our sale items - also available with 24 hour delivery for Manchester postcodes. If you're deciding between a freestanding or an American style fridge freezer in Manchester, get in touch with us today on  0161 794 3030.

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