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How To Choose The Right Type Of Oven

Friday, 21 November 2014 12:39:03 Europe/London

Type Of OvensWhen you look at buying an oven you need to keep in mind that it may stay with you for a significant amount of years. During that time your situation may change, for example you may end up having more mouths to feed in your house which will generally mean that you need the oven space to accommodate the change. Keeping all that in mind, the question is how to choose the right type of oven for you?


The best way to go about choosing the right oven is to fully understands all the different types that are available to you, there are four different types of built-in ovens that you can choose from, the single built-in oven, the double built-in oven, double built-under ovens and smaller compact ovens, here is a further breakdown….


Single Ovens  

A Single oven will fit pretty much anywhere within your kitchen – whether that is on an eye-level cabinet or under the counter. Typically they are quite small and compact, but you usually get enough cooking space to bake, roast and grill majority of things, you get two different types of single ovens which are the….  


Gas Single Ovens - If you prefer cooking with gas and you don’t have much room in your kitchen to fit an oven in then the Gas Single Oven is the perfect solution. These types of ovens are typically around 60cm taller and can be slotted in anywhere within the kitchen, however you will have to have them installed by a Gas Safe – registered engineer. A huge positive of choosing a gas oven is that gas is the cheapest fuel to use for cooking, so you will make savings as you continue to use it.


Electric Single Ovens - Is space tight? Then the electric single oven could be the perfect option, at a similar size to the gas single oven it’s great for fitting into any unit. As well as the grill you will find inside the oven the benefits of using electricity is that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven and the accuracy of the heat is superior.  


Double Ovens

Just as the name suggests, double ovens offer more cooking options than that of a single one as ther are two types of oven within - they feature a double built-in and the smaller double built under. The real distinct different is how tall they are, they require a lot more kitchen space than the single ovens, here are the two types of double ovens you can purchase…


Gas Double Ovens – If you have quite a significant number of mouths to feed then the double ovens are suitable, and just like that of the single oven gas is still the cheapest method of cooking. Gas ovens offer a large amount of space in the main part of the oven – big enough to fit a large Christmas turkey.


Electric Double Ovens – At about 90cm tall you will need quite a large space to accommodate this oven. In all electric ovens you will get a grill as the top part of the oven, and on some of the higher specification models you will also get a grill within the main part as well. Just like single electric ovens these models are very accurately heated with good heat distribution.


Compact Ovens

If you are really working with a minimal space then compact ovens are definitely the choice you should go for, at about the same size as a large built in microwave at 45cm tall. They usually come with an oven and a grill, and are often the most space efficient way of cooking, although as expected you don’t get as much room inside. 


Want To Find Out More?

We have an extensive range of all types of ovens in our Manchester store, so if you want to come see which oven would be best suited to your kitchen layout then don’t hesitate to visit us! We will be happy to answer any question you may have and help you make the correct purchase for your needs, for more information you can call us on 0161 794 30300161 794 3030 or you can contact by using this form.

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