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LG Produce Fridges, Washers & Cookers That Chat

Monday, 2 February 2015 15:41:38 Europe/London

LG TechnologyLG now offer a new service which allows you to chat to your fridge, washers and cookers. This allows you to do things such as seeing what food is inside your fridge or control other house hold appliances through your mobile phone. Unfortunately as yet this technology is only in South Korea but LG aim to roll it out to other markets at a later date.


This technology is very similar to what we mentioned in our previous article Samsung have in fact been developing a similar technology and have already previously released a service which allows air conditioners, fridges and washers to work together. The competition between the both brands will provide a quicker advance in technology and experts predict that within a 10 year period we will all have homes full of smart-aware appliances.


The LG appliances communicate via a technology called Line which is a popular chat used in Asia, it is designed to understand natural language requests. The way in which it works is by taking a picture with a wide-angle camera every time the fridge door is opened and closed and as a result it can provide the owner with a picture so you can check if you are missing any essential items. In addition to this a freshness tracker that is installed within the software will also alert you when items have passed their expiration dates, however this requires the user to enter the details about the product when they initially place it in the fridge.


In addition to that you can also remotely access your washing machine by simply sending a text message along the lines of “start washing cycle” for example. Whilst you can also talk to your oven which you can instruct to preheat to a certain temperature – ready for you when you get home.


There has however been a worry that the new technology could have security issues which may reveal to hackers information about their users. LG have maintained that they will keep security at a maximum in order to ensure no-ones homes are affected.

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