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Samsung Launch Washing Machine With Built In Sink

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 11:15:36 Europe/London

Samsung Washing MachineThe South Korean group, Samsung, have been one of the leading companies in the technology industry for years now; they work with a whole host of different technology from mobile phones to TV’s all the way to Washing Machines and other home appliances. They have recently just displayed why they are industry leaders with a brand new washing machine that they have built which was showcased at the Consumer Electric Showcase in Las Vegas where it stole the spotlight and media attention, turning people’s heads.


The new washing machine that has been unveiled offers a built in sink so that you can pre-treat your clothes which have more challenging stains and drop them directly into the washer.  The washer they’ve named the “Active Wash”, another of its primary feature is the built in water jets which are under its lid. Going back to the built in sink area, it is such a simple concept but previously no one had thought of it, the way in which it is designed means that you can wash your delicate on the top of the washing machine and yet it still doesn’t compromise the drum space due to the way it is designed. It offers the ability to scrub out stains without having to go into the bathroom or kitchen by just being able to do it in your laundry room, it’s also very handy as when you’re finished washing using the sink you can just drain the water into the machine –it’s pure genius!


On top of the new innovative design the washing machine is also rumoured to be able to complete a full load of washing in just as little as 36 minutes, far quicker than your general washing machine on the market today. There is however no world on how much this model will cost or any official launch date although they have stated it will be available in spring in a white or platinum colour.

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