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Top 10 Things Not To Microwave

Thursday, 11 June 2015 10:58:00 Europe/London

Most stories regarding accidents with microwaves start with either "I thought I would try it" or "who would have thought". Whether used to warm babies’ milk, heat up a meal or cook a ready meal - microwaves can save you time and are easy to use. However, there are a few things that should not be put in a microwave.  Here is a list of the "Top 10 Things Not To Microwave"

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Top 10 Things Not To Microwave

1. Eggs

Yes, it could make sense to try and hard boil an egg in a microwave - but please don't. There will be a small pop, followed by a larger pop and your microwave will look incredibly messy and smell of rotten eggs for a week afterwards. Seriously, eggs will explode in a microwave. If you are after hardboiled eggs - boil the kettle, put the water in a pan, bring to the boil and gently put the eggs in. Eight minutes later drain the water and run the eggs under a cold tap. 

2. Grapes

Grapes have two common uses - to make wine and a delicious accompliment to a cheese board. I am not sure why you would think to eat warm grapes, but if you try to microwave them they will explode. If you heat them for a little while and then take them out they may explode after being taken from the microwave. If left in for a few minutes, they will explode and then catch fire.  Take our advice and only have grapes via a small glass of wine.

3. Yogurt

A common story has it that the yogurt will melt into the milk, forming a great tasting fruit / milk concoction. Do not believe everything you hear. Yoghurt pots are made of plastic and will melt very quickly if microwaved.

4. Red sauce

Red sauce or 'tomato ketchup' will heat up in a microwave, boil and then harden.  If you are reheating a meal with red sauce on the plate, do yourself a favour and scrape it away before re-heating.  Otherwise it will be like trying to get red cement off of the plate.

5. Plastic containers

Some plastic containers are microwave safe. They will be labelled as such.  Common and popular makes such as 'Tupperware' have microwavable and non-microwavable containers. Always check before use otherwise you will end up with a twisted and out of shape container.

6. CD’s/DVD’s

 A very secure way to delete the information on a CD or DVD as a microwave will 'cook' the foil / metallic elements in a disc.

7. Fruits

Microwaving fruit, such as an apple or pear can actually be useful.   Microwaving a whole apple, for 2 minutes, will soften the apple to the consistency of a baked potatoes. The reason it appears in this list is that the smoke and splatter from the microwaved apple will stain your microwave brown, as the sugars in the apple breakdown.

8. Travel mugs

Many travel mugs are made of stainless steel and so should not be microwaved.  However, even the plastic travel mugs should not be put in a microwave.  The travel mug is designed to be a sealed vacuum - heating or trying to warm the contents in a microwave could be seen as a sensible way or warming your coffee.  However, the vacuum sealed liquid will not 'absorb' the microwaves and you may damage your microwave.  A tip is to heat the coffee in an open mug or a jug and then pour the warm drink back in to the travel mug.

9. Take Away Boxes

 You are too sensible to try and microwave the foil take away boxes you get with a Chinese take-away, but even the 'Styrofoam' boxes that your fish and chips, or more commonly, your kebab, come in are also to be left out of the microwave. Styrofoam boxes may not look like it - but they are a form of plastic and plastic melts.

10. Nothing at all

Your microwave does not like being idle. If you start it with nothing inside, the magnetron absorbs the microwaves, a cataclysmic event that could spark a 'not a very small fire’, according the government health and safety advice website.

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