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Top 5 Strangest Things You Can Clean In A Dishwasher

Friday, 16 January 2015 14:21:53 Europe/London

DishwashersDishwashers are amazing appliances, long gone are those days where you needed to spend hours cleaning the dishes after you’ve eaten, you simply just pop them in the dishwasher and as if it was magic, they come out clean!

Despite its name however the dishwasher can also be used for alternative items, this magical machine can be used to clean household items that you’ve probably never considered. Here is an example of the top 5 strangest things you can clean in a dishwasher, given that you want too of course!

Cleaning Supplies

The dishwasher is actually one of the best appliances to wash all of your cleaning supplies, leaving them with a nice dish like sparkle. It’s a hard barrier to get over, putting your cleaning supplies in the same place as where you put your cutlery doesn’t seem like the ideal thing to do but trust us, it really works! So why not try it? Whether it’s your sponges, vacuum attachments or mop ends, just pop them in.


Shoes go through a lot, there dragged across pavement, grass, mud, sand, you name it, they’ve probably been through it and yeah you guessed it, they can also go through a dishwasher. Although it is recommended that you only put canvas trainers, rubber boots, flip-flops and galoshes as the wash can ruin other shoe types. Right before putting them in, make sure that you take any orthopaedic inserts and liners & you also need to make sure you turn off the dry/heat cycle as this can damage your shoes.


Kids put their toys through a lot, they get thrown about and dragged through the dirt on a regular basis so you need to wash them in some way, so why not put them in the dishwasher? Just place them in the cutlery tray or a mesh bag but do make sure that you check if it is electrical first, as that could be a potential disaster!

Removable Cup Holders

Cup holders in your car can get pretty dirty, fairly quickly. If yours happen to be removable then you are able to wash them using a dishwasher and you can do so with other cups and dishes in there if you feel confident enough too.

Bathroom Items

Soap dishes, tooth brush holders, toothbrushes, throw them all in! A large majority of Bathroom items can go through the dishwasher and come out perfectly clean, however make sure if you are going to put anything like a hairbrush in that you make sure you take all the hairs out to avoid clogging the dishwashers drain.

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