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Tumble Dryer Manchester

Monday, 19 February 2018 10:55:00 Europe/London

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Tumble Dryer Manchester - A Short Guide

Tumble dryers. Often our saviour when our favourite top isn’t quite dry and we’re heading out for the evening, and our best friend throughout the cold, wet winters when the washing line just isn’t viable.

At Appliance World, we stock a wide range of tumble dryers for every kind of home. From our popular condenser tumble dryer to the vented tumble dryer - we even stock a range of compact tumble dryers that are ideal for smaller living spaces.

Mini Buying Guide

With the best brands in stock, you can expect to find some of the latest and most efficient tumble dryers here at Appliance World. And whilst find the perfect fit for your home can be difficult, our appliance experts are always on hand to answer any questions and provide free, expert advice.

With hundreds of variations of the tumble dryer, how do you know which one will really suit your home? When browsing our range of tumble dryers, our smart filters can help you narrow your search for the appliance that best suits your needs. You can start filtering by dimensions, capacity, fit type and even energy rating. Once you’ve narrowed your search to find the right size with the best energy rating, you can narrow your search further by colour, brand and even price.

Once you’ve found the perfect fit and the perfect design, you can browse your results in price order to find the best tumble dryer for your budget. If you have any questions about a certain product, you can email us a question or give us a call on 0161 794 3030

Tumble Dryer Delivery

Our tumble dryer range is available for delivery throughout the UK. Please check the delivery information on each product for exempt postcodes and multi-buy discount offers. All tumble dryer deliveries within 20 miles of our store will be carried out by our fleet. All other nationwide deliveries will be conducted by a courier service within 3 working days if the product is in stock. 

Customer Reviews

At Appliance World, our experts are on hand to help you find the perfect fit for your home. We won’t just sell you any tumble dryer - we’ll ask you about your needs, budget and home before providing comprehensive advice into the best appliances to choose from. We strive to bring you the very best appliances for the very best advice. 

See some our previous customer’s experiences below. You can click on our eKomi certificate to find out more about our latest reviews and why we’re so highly rated when it comes to delivering quality products and services. 

AWO Tumble Dryer Reviews


Below, you'll find more information on thing to consider when purchasing a new tumble dryer and some top tips!

At Appliance World Online, you'll find the latest and greatest tumble dryers at unbeatable prices. With our price promise guarantee, we're sure to beat any online price from other online e-retailers! For terms and conditions of our price promise guarantee please click here

Purchasing a new tumble dryer can be a daunting task. Whether you’re deciding between a vented tumble dryer or a condenser tumble dryer, it’s going to be something you use for many years to come. So choose wisely when buying your tumble dryer Manchester.

Two of the most important considerations when buying a tumble dryer are how it fits in your home and how it can improve your laundry routine. If you can find a tumble dryer that fulfils these questions – you’re in the right place.

It’s essential that you pick a tumble dryer that saves you time AND money, and we’re not just talking about the initial price. You’ll want a tumble dryer condenser that reduces your utility bills, is easy to use (and clean!). This means you won't have to turn the telly up when you're drying your clothes!

If you’re looking for something specific or have any queries as to which tumble dryer is best for you, you can browse our tumble dryer Manchester page. 

Integrated condenser tumble dryers in Manchester 

Vented tumble dryers vs. Condenser tumble dryers

The core difference between a vented tumble dryer and a condenser tumble dryer is that vented tumble dryers blow the hot, damp air out of the machine through an opening. This creates a lot of condensation unless properly vented using a venting pipe through an open window.

Whereas the condenser tumble dryer diverts the hot, damp air into an internal condensing chamber. This is condensed into water and collected into a small, plastic tank that must be regularly emptied (every 3-5 loads of washing). Whilst you can fit a pump in some condenser tumble dryers to drain away the excess water. This often takes away from the condenser tumble dryers’ flexibility when placing it in your home. 

So, when deciding on making your purchase of a tumble dryer Manchester, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each type of tumble dryer – or even consider an integrated condenser tumble dryer washing machine!

 For help and advice on choosing the best tumble dryer Manchester, get in touch with our appliance experts today.

Condenser tumble dryer Manchester

The convenience of a condenser tumble dryer stems from its ability to collect the hot, damp air and convert it into water without the need for a long, awkward ventilation pipe. Granted, you must manually empty water from your condenser tumble dryer. But the benefit of the condenser element allows you to place your condenser tumble dryer anywhere in your house. This means it does not need to be by a window as you would have to with a vented tumble dryer. This is great when looking for new tumble dryer. As a condenser tumble dryer will give you that freedom and peace of mind when planning the delivery and installation of the tumble dryer.

Modern condenser tumble dryers seem to be favoured by manufacturers, with nearly all new tumble dryers being condenser tumble dryers. Their energy performance and ability to dry clothes have become parallel of that with vented tumble dryers. One of the key areas in which condenser tumble dryers have adapted is in energy efficiency. With some condensers having large internal heat pumps that recycle the otherwise lost heat. This reduces cycle time and its utility cost down to only £37 a year!

To view our full range please visit our consdender tumble dryer Manchester page. 

Integrated condenser tumble dryers

Purchasing an integrated tumble dryer offers a practical solution to solve your laundry problems. It slots into a kitchen unit and can be hidden away even during a cycle. Some homes without a laundry room can benefit from an integrated condenser tumble dryer as there is no need for a ventilation pipe or need to be near a window.

If you regularly use your tumble dryer or condenser tumble dryer, then an energy efficient tumble dryer is essential. Purchasing a machine with multiple dryer settings can provide many benefits when tumble drying different loads. With each setting providing optimal energy output with each wash. This ensures your condenser tumble dryer isn’t costing you a fortune to run!

An example of one of our condenser tumble dryers is the WHITE KNIGHT B93G8W condenser dryer, with a B energy rating and larger carry capacity (8KG). The WHITE KNIGHT B93G8W is a great economy condenser tumble dryer with LED status indicators for filter cleaning indication and an easily accessible top drainage container.

With 14 manufacturers to choose from such as Hotpoint, Bosch, Zanussi, Haier, Smeg and Siemens, we have something for everyone. And with new tumble dryers being constantly added to our huge range, it’s always worth checking in to see our new units and promotions. You can check back each week to see if any condenser tumble dryers are included in our ‘deals of the week’ special offers for cheap tumble dryers Manchester. 

Hotpoint Tumble Dryer

Hotpoint tumble dryer ManchesterIf you're searching for 'Hotpoint tumble dryer Manchester', Appliance World stock some of the very best Hotpoint appliances. Compact & energy efficient, the range Hotpoint tumble dryers are built with performance and design in mind. With the latest drying technology and smart design, a Hotpoint tumble dryer would fit perfectly in any kitchen. Our range of Hotpoint tumble dryers include condensing and vented models, and you can read more about the benefits of these types above. With a variety of dryer features to choose from such as anti-allergy drying, you'll find the perfect tumble dryer for your home. Other features include the smart Sensor Drying System, which uses an intelligent sensor that will switch off your tumble dryer once your laundry has reached optimal dryness.

Taking a closer look at the Hotpoint range, the Hotpoint TCFS 83BGP comes with a classic white finish that will slide seamlessly into any kitchen setting. With an impressive 8kg drum capacity, the Hotpoint TCFS 83BGP is ideal for medium sized households. With the ability to dry your clothes on a lower heat for longer, you can ensure a gentle dry, preventing your clothes from being damaged at higher temperatures. If you're searching for a Hotpoint tumble dryer Manchester, the Hotpoint TCFS83BGP is available for just £259. (price correct at time of article). 

Visit Appliance World today and view our entire range of tumble dryers

To find out more about our entire range of condenser tumble dryers Manchester, call us today on 01793 618 656 or visit our tumble dryer Manchester page. We offer a huge range of condenser tumble dryers and integrated condenser tumble dryers at competitive prices. And with our Price Promise Guarantee, we’re confident that no one can beat our prices. If you live within 20 miles of our store, we can guarantee to beat any price from any recognised e-tailer! If you live outside of this radius, give us a call on 0161 794 3030 and we will still try to match their offer!

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