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A Quick Guide To Kitchen Appliances

Friday, 7 September 2018 12:21:44 Europe/London

Whether you're moving into a new home or just wanting to give your kitchen appliance a spruce up, buying kitchen appliances can be confusing. Changing your kitchen appliances requires careful planning. Here at Appliance World, we stock thousands of kitchen appliances from a wide range of big name brands, so when you choose us you know you'll find exactly what you're looking for. So, if you’re looking for a reliable stockist of kitchen appliances Manchester, call us today on 0161 794 3030 for more information.

Things To Consider

Built-in or freestanding? Colourful or smart stainless steel? You’ll probably have a good idea of what you want. Though are are some important things that people usually forget to consider. It’s sensible to first think about how much space you have to use and what your budget is and then go from there.  Here at Appliance World, we stock all of the main kitchen appliances you’ll need such as Washing Machines, Cookers and Fridge Freezers. We also stock smaller appliances, such as kettles and toasters which are just as much needed. These come in a range of finishes and designs to keep your kitchen looking aesthetically pleasing and help it come together perfectly.

Kitchen Appliances

Integrated or Freestanding?

One thing to consider when choosing an appliance is whether you want it to be freestanding or integrated.

A freestanding appliance can stand on its own and isn’t attached to any of the units in your kitchen. They are fully visible and can be placed in any space large enough. Usually, freestanding models are available in a wide range of sizes, which could make it easier to find an appliance suitable for your kitchen. They are also highly flexible regarding where you can put them, as long as they’re near the required power outlet, ventilation pipe or water outlet. This flexibility also makes them easier to remove and take with you if you move house. Though, usually with their bigger dimensions, they may not sit flush with the rest of the units in your kitchen.

Integrated appliances are designed to keep a fitted kitchen sleek and uniform. They usually can be either wholly or partially housed into units or cupboards. The doors of most integrated appliances are fixed to the cupboard door so they are completely hidden from view and match the rest of the kitchen - giving the kitchen a clean line. When appliances are integrated, they are held in place by the surrounding units - reducing the amount they can move and having a door covering it reduces noise. Though, integrated appliances are harder to install and trickier to repair. This does usually tend to mean that engineers will charge more to fix or service your appliance. It is also not as easy to take them with you if you move house.

Both types of appliances do have their advantages and disadvantages and will suit different households. So, if you’re having trouble picking the right one, either give a member of our friendly team a call on 0161 794 3030 or visit our showroom in Manchester to get a hands-on look.

Kitchen Appliances

Choosing The Perfect Appliance For You

Here at Appliance World, we have many years of experience in the electrical goods market. We offer only the highest quality service and our friendly team can provide you with exceptionable knowledge. We will always have the time to discuss your individual requirements and consider the best options. It is our number one aim to give our customers the best value for money and top quality appliances.

For more information on how to choose your perfect kitchen appliances, please make sure to call us on 0161 794 3030 and one of our experienced team members will be able to help you. 

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