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10 Amusing Items Put in a Dishwasher

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 07:18:55 Europe/London

10 Funny Things Put in Dishwashers by Appliance World Manchester  

10. Jewellery

We have found a dozen cases of expensive jewellery being destroyed and lost because owners tried to wash their fine metals in their dishwasher. Granted it’s hard to re-polish jewellery, but we seriously don’t recommend trying to wash your engagement ring as you may end up with expensive visit to the jewellers and perhaps an angry spouse. 


9. Fish 

This is a surprisingly common one. We’ve seen many sources that suggest people have actually had success with cooking fish, especially salmon in their dishwashers. Put herbs, butter and your fish in a sealable plastic bag, place the fish on the bottom rack and set your dishwasher on a standard cycle. The slow heat and surrounding water produces an imitation suis-vide effect whilst cooking and effectively slow cooks the flesh. We haven’t tried it but the logic makes sense in this theory. Just make sure you seal the bag. 


8. Computer Keyboards 

Again, this is an increasingly common strange item that people have been washing in their dishwasher. People have mixed success depending on the type of keyboard, some tell stories of short-circuiting their keyboards, whilst others end up with brand new looking keyboards. Proceed with caution on this one.  


7. Plastic Toys 

A useful one if you have children, putting plastic toys on the top shelf of your dishwasher leaves your child’s toy fresh and clean, the logic seems sound and it gets rid of any nasty germs or bacteria that might be lurking on the surface.  


6. Dog Collars  

Not the type Vicars wear, but the canine variety. Apparently dishwashers are very good for getting hair our from fabric, so it would naturally clean collars very well, just make sure you wipe down surfaces after if there are any hairs left, unless you want hairy cutlery. 


5. Kitchen Kit 

Things like chopping boards and oven racks can be a pain when covered in grime, as long as your chopping board isn’t wooden why not put it in the dishwasher? It helps to sterilise the surface and helps rid of any stubborn dirt. We have also successfuly cleaned the BBQ grill in a dishwasher.


4. Eggs 

As if we were done with cooking with our unassuming kitchen appliance, we’ve seen videos of people poaching eggs in glass jars placing them in the dishwasher, and leaving them for a standard cycle, we can’t see why this wouldn’t work, just make sure the jars are sealed unless you want soap with your eggs. We have a customer that cooked a poached egg in her new dishwasher in Saltford.

Don't believe a dishwasher can cook the perfect poached egg? Watch the video!


3. Toothbrush 

This one is good for children, when one has dropped their toothbrush somewhere unsanitary or has used someone else’s. The dishwasher will be powerful enough to rid of any bacteria lurking on the brush as well as ridding of any leftover debris from the previous user. This isn’t advised with an electric toothbrush, although you could wash the head if it is detachable if you are in a pinch. 


2. Hair Brushes 

As with the pet collars, dishwashers are very good from ridding hair whilst it’s tangled and caught in small crevices. Give your hair care products a fresh start by cleaning them in the dishwasher. Again, give the dishwasher a wipe down if any hair is left in the dishwasher and cycle one after to rid of any thing lurking. 


1. Lasagna  

A culinary myth no more, as a quick search will show people proving you can cook freshly made lasagna in a dishwasher. Cover the lasagna in foil and use duct tape to seal the dish from the water whilst the dishwasher is cycling. The resulting heat from the heating element steams the water and creates enough heat to slowly cook each ingredient in the lasagna. 

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