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A Short Guide to Dishwashers

Monday, 14 August 2017 12:10:50 Europe/London

A Short Guide to Dishwashers

Dishwashers are a familiar commodity in a property and a practical one at that. There are many benefits of having a dishwasher, such as saving money on water bills and having a more hygienic kitchen, which can’t be a bad thing! Your current dishwasher may be outdated, or you may be finding yourself buying a new dishwasher for the very first time. When looking to purchase a new dishwasher, there is a lot to think about. From costs to size and durability, we know the struggle in finding the perfect appliance for your home.

If you’re interested in our Dishwasher Manchester range, check out our site or give us a call on 0161 748 3030 for more detail on specific products.

Types of Dishwasher

Integrated Dishwasher ManchesterWith any product, there are different types of that product to suit a variety of needs for a whole range of people. At Appliance World, we stock both an integrated dishwasher and free-standing dishwasher collection, so you always have a choice. There are two sizes for dishwashers, which are dictated by the width of the product itself. Full-size dishwashers are 60cm wide, whilst slimline dishwashers are 45cm, so it purely depends on the suitability of the size for your kitchen. If you are more interested in a small dishwasher, slimline may be the perfect alternative and can still hold up to 100 items, compared to 150 in a full size one.

The most common type of a dishwasher is the freestanding dishwasher, due to the fact that it is easily portable and can be placed in all areas of the kitchen, depending on what the customer desires. The design means that the door is completely visible, and can be easily accessed if any problems arise. Freestanding dishwashers are also the biggest variation available and can be purchased in many colours and designs.

If you’re looking for a more subtle dishwasher, an integrated dishwasher may be the best dishwasher for you. Integrated dishwashers are built in within the rest of your kitchen appliances, and can be fitted next to the sink in order to make loading your dishes easier. It will also enhance the ease of plumbing for the dishwasher as it will be connected to the main water source. Integration is usually the best option for customers that want their appliances to fit in with the rest of their kitchen, as you will only see it when the door is pulled down.

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Practical dishwasher features

  • Sensor assisted wash cycles
  • Specific wash cycles depending on the heat
  • Adjustable racks to suit your needs
  • Rinse cycle to dry kitchen wear
  • Optimised heat to kill bacteria
  • Touchpad controls that allow for easy navigation
  • Filter to keep the dishwasher constantly clean
  • Protection against flooding within the system

This is just a basic list, and more extensive features are available on all of our products. Please check out our dishwasher range to see for yourself, we offer the newest technology and design features for dishwashers which will be convenient and beneficial for your home.

Finding the best dishwasher for your property

Now comes the interesting part, which dishwasher should I actually buy? A dishwasher sale is one that cannot be made easily, due to the hundreds available on our Appliance World site, the decision is never easy.

Here are a few that we’ve been loving recently: 


BOSCH has created a huge brand for themselves in the industry, so we’re happy to say we can offer this divine slimline freestanding dishwasher from BOSCH; it has proven to be an extremely popular piece. It is energy rated A+, so we know it packs quality. It also holds 9 place settings, standard in slimline dishwashers, to allow for a range of utensils to be cleaned efficiently. The SPS53M02GB also has specialoptions for washing, such as an intensive zone and variospeed to clean your plates and cutlery in half the time it usually takes. The dishwasher also features a child locking system, so that you won’t have the issue of a child opening the door during the cleaning cycle, or creating any hazards.

Dimensions: 84.5 X 45 X 60cm

Noise Level: 48 DB

EAN: 4242002858074


This fully integrated dishwasher is perfect for those looking to install a dishwasher into their home within the rest of their kitchen. So that you know your cycle is finished, this dishwasher has an automated acoustic signal to alter you of the finished programme. Unlike many other dishwashers, the CDA WC370IN offers a huge variety of temperature choices for you to allow you to tailor your cycle to the specific items you place in your dishwasher. It also contains 3 spray levels so that the water is utilised in the correct way, making this dishwasher very efficient. There is also extra warranty (5 years on the parts & 1 year on the labour) so we can assure you that this dishwasher is extremely long lasting.

Dimensions: 815 X 596 X 570mm
Noise Level: 47 DB

Shop for dishwashers at Appliance World Online

We offer a 2-year warranty for all our dishwashers, with extended warranty available on all of our appliances to give our customers the peace of mind. At Appliance World, we take pride in our ability to provide customers with excellent products and services and would love the chance to also do that for you. Get in touch today and our team of appliance experts will help you find the best dishwasher in Manchester. If you’re still unsure and would like to know more about the products we offer, or would also like information on the dishwasher installation services we offer, please call our team on 0161 748 3030.

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