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Dishwashers vs Washing Up By Hand

Tuesday, 9 December 2014 12:11:03 Europe/London

Dishwashers vs Washing Up By HandThe question that has been on the edge of our tongues almost as long as “what came first the chicken or the egg?” Is it better to handwash or use a dishwasher? But don’t worry, we have finally been able to crack the enigma and can give you the answer to the carbon footprint of doing your dishes.


Green-living in this day and age is essential, everything we use has a particular energy rating and many people closely monitor their carbon footprint. In order to help you reduce this footprint we have done some number crunching and worked out the figures of both using a dishwasher and washing up by hand to put this whole issue behind us….


  • Cold water washing by hand (doesn’t clean the plates properly) – almost zero CO2e
  • Hand washing but using moderately hot water sparingly – 540g CO2e
  • Using a dishwasher at 55C – 770g CO2e
  • Using a dishwasher at 65C – 990g CO2e
  • Hand washing but with extravagant use of hot water – 8000g


As you can see by the above, if you do use moderately hot water very sparingly it is in fact better than using a dishwasher. The issue here however is that very few people in the UK are careful with their hot water when washing up and the consequences to your carbon footprint are far higher if you leave the hot tap running for slightly to long in comparison to the use of a dishwasher.


You will also find that even when you wash by hand as carefully as you possibly can, you won’t have as good result in terms of hygiene than if you use a dishwasher with approximately 400 times more bacteria being left behind on your dishes.


Overall it is fair to assume that the dishwasher is the winner, and not to mention it takes nearly four times as long to handwash dishes than to pop them in the dishwasher. You still need to make sure that you use your dishwasher well, such as only running it when it is full and using appropriate washing cycles.


To maximise the benefits of using a dishwasher you also want to ensure that it is fairly new as in recent years appliances have massively improved in their CO2e trail. As an estimate an old trusty built to last model that you have kept in your house for 10 years will approximately produce 130g CO2e.


If you are interested in purchasing a new dishwasher then check out our extensive range available in all different shapes and sizes here. If you want to find out more about energy ratings and efficiency of our dishwashers range then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, you can do so by calling 0161 820 79320161 820 7932 or by filling in our enquiry form

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