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Don't Murder Your Washing Machine!

Thursday, 26 February 2015 16:27:51 Europe/London

 don't murder your washing machineWashing Machines are one of your most valuable appliances, if they breakdown it can cause a massive inconvenience to your schedule & potentially wallet. Due to this you need to make sure that you take care of your washing machines, they can take a lot of knocks and bumps but there are still quite easily breakable. Make sure you don’t murder your washing machine, follow these tips in order to prolong its lifespan….


Don’t Overload It

Make sure when you are loading your washing machine you don’t stuff it right to the brim, leave a little bit of space. If you overload the washing machine then it can force the drum to jostle around inside the machine which will eventually cause lasting damage.


Make Sure You Clean Out The Drawer

After every few washes you should make sure that the drawer where you put the powder and liquid in is washed, even just a quick rinse will do fine. If you let this build up overtime the powder will go crusty and block the tube.


Run Regular Maintenance Washes

You should run a maintenance wash on a monthly basis in order to keep your washing machine in tip top condition. Run a cycle with a few rags and vinegar to get rid of the inner lime scale and clean out the drum.


Don’t Wash Any Underwired Bra’s Or Zipped Items

Eventually something will get caught in the drum, it’s essentially the same as throwing in some barbed wire, and you may as well just call the repairman. Make sure you hand wash these items or use mesh bags to protect your appliance.


Use The Correct Settings

You’ll be surprised at how many people use the incorrect setting whilst washing their clothes, make sure you don’t run every single wash on the same setting! Tailor each wash to the objects you are putting inside the drum.


Make Sure To Empty The Filter!

Our last tip is to keep on top of maintaining your washing machine’s filter. If you don’t do this the gunk around the filter will build up and eventually spill into the drum. If you want to clean the filter you can simply open it and empty water on top, you can typically find the filter in a kick panel situated in the bottom part of your machine. The first time you do this take precaution as a lot of water may potentially come gushing out so complete the process slowly.

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