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Five Easy Fixes For Bad-Tasting Ice Maker Cubes

Thursday, 5 March 2015 12:42:26 Europe/London

Bad Tasting Ice CubesA lot of modern fridges have a device on the front which produces ice cubes, but occasionally you may get some that smell a bit funny or have a slightly bad taste. After owning the fridge for a period of time this can eventually happen, but there are ways that you can sort it out and diagnose the issue. Here are the five possible issues and the way in which you can fix them…


Issue 1: Stale Cubes – If you’re struggling to get ice cubes and they aren’t tasting fantastic it could potentially be some old ice that has absorbed odours from neighbouring foods inside your freezer or refrigerator. Gases in food are easily transferred and can often spoil the water or ice, but there is a way you can avoid this.


Tip: Make sure that you use your ice cubes more frequently so that it prevents them having time to soak up the odours. Also keep your fridge free of any spoiled food as these are more likely to give the cubes a foul taste.


Issue 2: Dirty water filter system – Refrigerators water filtration systems need to be changed approximately every six months or so, so you simply just have to replace the filtration system as this could be a cause of your rotten ice cubes.


Issue 3: Unhealthy water supply: It may not even be you, the water in your area could potentially have impurities in terms of minerals, salts or sulphur so in turn your ice cubes won’t be up to scratch


Tip: This may however just be down to the water filtration system as that should help purify the water so please refer to issue two to check whether that is the case.


Issue 4: Food spills or growth inside – This one is pretty self-explanatory, if you leave food inside your freezer for a set period of time it can develop a growth so you need to make sure that you clean it.


Issue 5: Improperly wrapped food in the freezer – Food gasses are very easily absorbed by ice and water so it is important that you regularly clean your freezer & fridge. Make sure you toss out expired food and double wrap products that appear to have a weak packaging, you can also use a freezer deodorizer if required.

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