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How To Clean A Freezer

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 15:08:00 Europe/London

 How To Clean A FreezerUnfortunately the poor old freezer tends to be one of the most neglected features in the areas of the house. Due to the temperature it runs at it tends not to have as many issues as the fridge for example but that doesn’t mean you should completely negate it.


Your Freezer Cleaning Tool Kit

Before you jump into cleaning your freezer there are a few things you will need to gather in order to get the job done properly, most of which can be accessed at your general supermarket. Here is a list of what you’ll need…


-          A Towel or paper towels

-          Water

-          Rag or sponge

-          Baking Soda

-          Vinegar or other sanitizing cleaner

-          An old toothbrush


The Cleaning Process

Step 1 – Empty your freezer: Well this is a fairly obvious one, you can’t clean your freezer when it is completely full so make sure you remove everything. The only issue with this is that a lot of the food needs to be used up if it defrosts so you need to find someone with a freezer willing to house all your food.


Step 2 – Defrost the freezer: Once that is complete and the freezer is empty make sure you unplug it from the wall and open the lid. Now you need to let it defrost, this can take anywhere between half an hour all the way to a few hours. Don’t however just leave it all to defrost as then you will get a collection of water at the bottom of the freezer, so what you have to do is make sure you chip away the ice and dispose of it as it becomes loose.


Step 3 – Wipe out the freezer: Now the ice has gone, you’re free to get cleaning. Anything like stray veggies, fries or other bits of food just pick out with your hands but to properly clean the fridge with a warm water solution.

Step 4 – Deodorize The Freezer: Once you have cleaned the freezer then you can remove any lingering odour with a mixture of water and baking soda and further disposing of any spilled or burned food on a weekly basis.


Step 5 – Dry the freezer: Use a dish towel to dry both the inside and outside of the freezer. Also make sure you wash the draws in the sink and dry them accordingly.


Step 6 – Put the food back: It’s time to put everything back in the freezer, save time by organising everything accordingly. If you don’t own any freezer shelves then consider buying some as it can help particularly so if you have smaller items.

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