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How To Clean A Microwave

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 16:01:15 Europe/London

How To Clean Your MicrowaveIt is important to keep all of your kitchen appliances clean to avoid any build-up of bacteria or dirt, but it is especially essential that you clean your microwave. You heat several items of food on a regular basis in your microwave; it is one of the most common places for bacteria to build up so you need to ensure that you wash it regularly to avoid making yourself ill.


Keeping that in mind, how exactly do you clean a microwave? You need to make sure that you clean the inside properly in order to nullify all the dirt & bacteria, here is a good cleaning method you can use for the inside…


Step 1: Fill a bowl with warm water


Step 2: Add a necessary amount of soap to the mix


Step 3: Place the bowl within the microwave and put the dial to approximately 1 minute


Step 4: The water will begin to steam up and evaporate, but since it can’t escape it just covers the inside in a layer of condensation from the soapy mix.


Step 5: Once the minute is over, wipe the interior with a sponge a few times over.


Extra Addition: To add some fragrance you can add lemon juice or white vinegar to the warm water mix. There are also other benefits of using the white vinegar as it actually removes odour rather than covering it up.


Be sure if you can to wipe any spillages as they happen so that they don’t solidify as this could prevent your need for regularly cleaning the microwave and save you time. You can also clean the door of the microwave by simply using a clean rag, or alternatively on the exterior window you can use a window cleaner to get rid of any grime.

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