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How To Clean a Washing Machine

Friday, 7 September 2018 13:54:34 Europe/London

Cleaning your washing machine may seem like a pointless idea. The washing machine’s job is to wash - why would it need to be cleaned? Though, soap residue, minerals and chemicals from your detergent can get stuck inside your washing machine along with bacteria. This lingering detergent can make your washing machine smell and this smell could possibly transfer onto your clothing. Try our top tips on how to clean your washing machine and banish mould, bad smells and clothes-ruining residues in no time. Before you start it is important to consult your machine’s manual for instructions on how to clean your machine. They may have some tips and tricks or some steps they discourage you from doing.

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Cleaning The Detergent Drawer

The detergent drawer can potentially be a haven for germs and old washing powder. To clean it, remove the entire drawer and start scrubbing with an old toothbrush and just an ordinary domestic cleaner. It only takes a quick scrub to get it spotless again! Rinse it through thoroughly and let it dry.

Cleaning The Filter

In your washing machine, there is a debris filter protecting the pump. It stops lint, stray tissue, coins and general dirt from escaping into the depths of your washing machine. Though, this does mean that germs can collect there and it does need to be cleaned.

All you need to do is regularly remove the fluff and dirt that has gathered on it. It can usually be found along the lower edge of the machine behind a hinged cover. Though, if you are unsure or cannot find it, it is important to check the user manual. You’ll need to carefully free up the emergency drain tube and place a bowl on the floor below it.

Then, unplug it and allow any trapped water to drain off. Once it’s all drained, replace the plug, remove the bowl and lay a towel down on the floor. Carefully release the filter cover and all of the trapped debris should run out with the trapped water. The inside of the filter can then be wiped around with a cloth to get any remaining debris and the cover can be replaced. It is very important that you make sure you’ve replaced the cover properly to prevent any accidental leaks.

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Cleaning Inside The Drum

You may believe that the drum of your washing machine is the cleanest part. It can look brilliantly clean but there are lots of small places where dirt and germs can hide. The best way to clean the drum is to run an empty wash every so often. A hot wash should kill germs, remove odours and remove any built up soap and limescale.

Cleaning The Door Seal

When using your washing machine it can be very easy to forget the small space between the door and the drum. This rubber seal stops water from spilling out of the machine but is also a very good place for dirt and grime to hide. Letting this build up could produce mould which can be more difficult to remove.

All you need to do is give the door seal a quick wipe with a damp cloth every so often.

How To Prevent More Dirt

Once carrying out a full clean, there are good prevention methods you can use to help keep your machine dirt-free:

  • Only use as much detergent as really necessary - follow the guidelines you get on the detergent packaging to prevent it from building up inside the machine.

  • Rinse off any excess dirt from extra dirty clothing before putting it into the machine.

  • Leave the door open slightly between washing loads to allow the drum to dry out. This will reduce the possibility of mould growing inside.

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