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Samsung Aim To Connect Everything In Your Life

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 10:08:47 Europe/London

Samsung Aim To Connect EverythingSamsung have always been a leader in technology with innovative ideas that change the way we live our day to day lives. Recently B.K. Yoon, the Samsung Electronics CEO talked about what the future could potentially hold for the company which involved one key phrase “IoT” which stands for “The Internet of Things” one of their boldest campaigns that is currently underway.


Although Samsung have somewhat dropped off in mobile sales that isn’t displaying any sign of them stopping as they sold over 665 million products last year which included refrigerators, ovens, washers, televisions and other home appliances. This is also indicated by the bold statement that by 2017 at least 90% of all Samsung products will be IoT devices, meaning that everything is connected and that all products will talk to each other, it’s a big leap for the company.


Recently they acquired the business, SmartThings, which they are combining with their massive TV and Home Appliance business in order to develop a smart system that could potentially work for more than a hundred appliances.


Many of the products recently displayed at the International Consumer Electronics Show touched on internet connectivity for home appliances. Since the acquisition of SmartThings however, Samsung look to be the leaders, as they have made huge steps into integrating all their appliances together with one cohesive system with the parent company recently announcing that the Smart TVs will soon be able to act as a control hub for other home appliances.


There are still issues that Samsung will have to contest with in order to bring IoT to our homes. One of the major issues with connected devices in the past for instance has been the security of them as they can often be easily hacked into but once these creases are ironed out this could potentially forever change how we use our day to day appliances.

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