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Self Cleaning Ovens - Really?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 23:49:00 Europe/London

Self Cleaning Ovens - Really? Yes, the new Pyrolytic ovens actually clean themselves - Appiances World Manchester

What is Pyrolytic Oven?

Cleaning an oven is probably not any household enjoy spending time on. If you are wondering around looking for a brand new oven, here is the news.

A pyrolytic oven that is an oven that cleans itself in town. Using super high temperatures of 500°C combined with the absence of oxygen, a pyrolytic oven turns food residue and grime into ash which can then be easily wiped clean using a damp cloth. No harsh chemicals or scrubbing required.

Pyrolytic ovens are very effective at burning off all the fat that gets splattered on the roof of the oven and burn off the accumulated grease and spills from baking and roasting food in your oven, reducing it to a pile of ash that can be wiped up with a moist cloth.

They also do a decent job at cleaning the glass on the door, though do leave a rim of burned on gunk around the seal where the heat doesn't get to as effectively. A quick spray of cleaning fluid sorts that. Before we turn it on It is good practice to wipe up spills after cooking each time to keep deep cleaning to a minimum.

A few other key things to remember is to wipe clean the oven door prior to starting the self-cleaning process, which can take up to 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. All racks, shelves, trays, and other accessories must also be removed prior to beginning the pyrolytic cleaning cycle. We have to make sure to take out any pans and the racks which can be soaked and hand cleaned. Generally, the racks should not be left in during this high heat clean.

Do yourself a favour by brushing out any lingering loose crumbs before shutting and locking the oven door to avoid unnecessary smoke. Crack the kitchen window open if it's a nice day outside or turn your extractor fan on to help clear the heat about to be generated.

How does Pyrolytic Oven work?

To avoid greasy build up that takes longer to sort, we can simply put aside a couple of hours a month or so to turn our oven on the self-clean setting and we will keep both ourselves and our oven happy. It is advisable to use the self-clean feature during a day when we won't need the oven for at least 2 hours start to finish. All Pyrolytic ovens use cool door technology, which indicates that during the Pyrolytic cleaning cycle the outer door glass will become no hotter than 55ºC, and feature a special safety device which locks the door for the duration of the process. For children's safety and our own, the oven door will automatically lock at a certain temperature. Or, depending on the model, some may have a manual lock to stop it from being opened until the oven has cooled down.

Once the heat cleaning process begins we won't be able to open the oven door until it cools down to a reasonable temperature. Just simply sit back and let your oven do all the brilliant work. When the oven is cool, we can wipe the ash inside out with a damp cloth and replace the racks.

Self Cleaning ovens Manchester


The added benefits of Pyrolytic Oven

An added benefit of self-cleaning ovens is that the insulation required for the high temperature cleaning process also makes them more energy efficient for our daily baking. The energy cost for a couple of hours on high heat is still far less than standard oven cleaner. To save extra energy, we can try cleaning our oven directly after we've finished cooking, while it is still hot. Formerly a feature associated with high end ovens, many more economical models now also carry this timesaving technology, making the Pyrolytic timesaving feature attractive over other self-cleaning Catalytic or easy-clean enamel options. Make light work of our oven cleaning chores and put our elbow grease into doing the things we love to do instead. Plus, the chemicals used to clean the inside of a regular oven can potentially contaminate food? Therefore choosing a Pyrolytic oven for our kitchen can offer not only convenience but also health and safety benefits.

For more information on self cleaning ovens or pyrollytic ovens please visit oour showrooms or telephone 0161 820 9788

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