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Tumble Dryer Manchester

Thursday, 9 May 2019 12:55:00 Europe/London

A tumble dryer can be an excellent addition to any household, thanks to its time-saving abilities, particularly when it’s cold and raining outside. So, of course, everyone wants to keep their tumble dryer working at its best.

Tumble Dryer maintenance will only take up a few moments of your day and in the long run, will make a big difference. That’s why here at Appliance World, we have rounded up everything you need to know to keep your tumble dryer in excellent condition and working for many months to come!

Tumble Dryer in Laundry Room

Looking After Your Tumble Dryer Manchester

Cleaning the Sensor

If your tumble dryer sensor which detects how wet your clothes are and therefore how much drying time they need, it's important to wipe around the drum every few months with some white vinegar or stainless-steel cleaner. This will ensure that the sensor can work at its best.

Cleaning the Lint Filters

An important step in keeping your tumble dryer running at peak efficiency is cleaning out the lint filter. This should be done every time you use the dryer, as it will not only help the machine run at its best, but it'll also hugely reduce the risk of a fire.

Don't Overload it

Overloading your tumble dryer can easily cause a number of issues. Not only will it use more energy to run the cycle but stuffing the drum full of wet clothes means that there's no room for the hot air to move around and circle the drum. This means that your clothes could easily take hours to dry! Loading too many clothes can also cause damage to your dryer's drum, meaning you may have to fork out for costly repairs in the long run.

Don't Stop the Dryer Mid Cycle

If you stop the tumble dryer mid cycle it is possible that the heat could continue to build up in the drum, leading the clothes to ignite in a process known as "superheating". This can even occur several hours after the dryer has been stopped. If you do have to stop the dryer mid-cycle, or the dryer cuts out due to a power failure/fault, make sure to remove and separate the clothes immediately to prevent this.

If You Have a Condenser Dryer, Empty The Reservoir After Every Load

Make sure to switch off and unplug the dryer first! Then, remove the reservoir and use an antibacterial spray to clean out the reservoir housing. This kills off any bacteria that's built up in the warm, damp area. Also, make sure to rinse it and allow it to dry before replacing.

Clean the Tumble Dryer Seals

The dryer’s seals can too be an important part to clean. This space is especially warm and damp, which can make it an ideal breeding ground for all different kinds of nasty bacteria. All it takes is a quick wipe over, and it’ll not only help keep your family healthy, but it’ll also help keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Check the Clothes You're Tumble Drying

Some items you may throw into the tumble dryer without thinking. We’re all guilty of it and can agree that we don’t always check the labels on an item of clothing before putting it straight from the washing machine into the tumble dryer. Though, this is an important step. Some synthetic items really should not be tumble dryer and can even melt at high enough temperatures, potentially causing problems if they drip into the workings of the machine!

Man reaches into tumble dryer to take out laundry

Are You in The Market For a New Tumble Dryer Manchester?

Are you trying to look after your tumble dryer and keep it in the best condition possible, yet it still isn’t working at its best? It might be time to start looking for a new one. Here at Appliance World, we stock a huge range of different Tumble Dryer models in Manchester, and we’d love to help you find the perfect one for your home.

Our team has years of experience in the appliance sector and really know their stuff, so why not give us a ring today on 0161 748 3030. We’ll be happy to answer any query you have and let know you a little bit more about the products we’re so proud to offer.

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