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Buying A Tumble Dryer Manchester

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 10:03:50 Europe/London

There's nothing worse than finding out that your favourite outfit is in the washing machine just as you're about to get ready, or during the winter when the washing line just isn't viable due to wet weather. Let Appliance World help you find the ideal tumble dryer for you, with this handy guide.

There are so many tumble dryers on the market, choosing the right one can seem confusing. Here at Appliance World, we stock a wide range of tumble dryers for every kind of home. From the popular condenser tumble dryer to the vented tumble dryer - we even stock a range of compact tumble dryers for smaller homes and flats. For more information on our huge range of stock, be sure to call one of our experienced team members on 0161 794 3030.

Tumble dryer Manchester

Features To Look Out For

Some of the most important features to look out for include:

  • Energy Ratings - Dryers are rated from A+++ to G, with A+++ being the most efficient.
  • Reverse Drying Actions - This untangles clothes and reduces the number of creases by spinning the drum in both directions.
  • Cupboard Dry - A programme that dries clothes so they are dry enough to wear straight away.
  • Fluff Filter Indicator - This feature alerts you when it's time to empty the fluff filter, to keep the dryer working at it's best.
  • Delayed Start Option - This feature alerts you when it's time to empty the fluff filter, to keep the dryer working at it's best
  • Iron Dry - This programme leaves clothes very slightly damp for easier ironing.
  • Sensor Drying - This is a cycle that will automatically stop when your clothes are dry.
  • Cool Tumble - An important feature that dries your clothes at a cooler temperature. This is perfect for delicate clothing and fabrics.

Condenser v. Vented v. Compact Tumble Dryers - What's The Difference?

A condenser tumble dryer is perfect for homes or flats where it's difficult to vent a dryer to the outside. It works by removing humidity via two separate air flows. Air is then recirculated inside the machine and heated. This hot air then passes through the damp clothes where it picks up the moisture.

This damp air is passed through the condenser in one direction, whilst the room air is passed through the condenser in the other direction. This causes the moisture in the air to condense into water, which is then pumped to the water tank or out through the hose.

When you choose a condenser tumble dryer, you will need to remember to empty the water reservoir regularly and remove fluff from the heat exchanger about four or five times a year.

Vented tumble dryers are the most popular type of tumble dryer in the UK.

They pump the warm damp air from the drum out through a hose, which has to be connected to a wall or window vent. As a hose will need to be installed, vented tumble dryers won't be suitable for all home types.

You'll usually find that vented tumble dryers are cheaper and generally use less electricity than condenser models.

Compact tumble dryers are a perfect solution for homes where space is tight, or if you have a small family. They're noticeably smaller than standard-sized machines and have smaller capacities. The only downside is you may find compact tumble dryers slightly slower and less efficient than bigger tumble dryers.

Tumble dryer Manchester

Noise Levels

The noise levels of a tumble dryer are usually measured in decibels (Db). You'll find that the average noise level of most tumble dryers is around 70 Db, but some models may be quieter. Quieter models are a better idea if your washing machine is in your kitchen. Feel free to ask a member of our team if you're not too sure about the noise levels.

Tumble Dryers From Appliance World Manchester

Here at Appliance World, we have many years experience in the tumble dryer and white goods trade. We are proud to offer only the highest quality service - our team are always on hand to answer any queries and provide you with their exceptional knowledge. We will always have time to discuss your individual requirements and consider your best options.

For more information on how to choose the perfect tumble dryer for your home, please be sure to call us on 0161 794 3030 and one of our experienced team members will help you.

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