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Washer Dryer Manchester

Monday, 19 February 2018 12:30:00 Europe/London

At Appliance World Manchester, we stock a huge range of washer dryers, washing machines and tumble dryers. Our front-loading washer dryers start from just £349.00 (price correct as of 19/02/2018), with a multi-buy discount available on a range of appliances. 

Our washer dryer range offers the perfect space-saving solution for homes that don’t have the space for a washing machine and tumble dryer. They’re also extremely efficient at washing and drying loads without the need of loading and unloading that you experience with separate machines.

Mini Buying Guide

You can expect to find the latest brands in our washer dryer collection, including Hotpoint, Indesit and Hoover. Finding the perfect washer dryer for your home is no easy task, and with hundreds of different appliances to choose from, we want you to go away with an appliance that suits you. For advice and information on product specs, get in touch with a member of our friendly appliance team today by calling 0161 794 3030.

With hundreds of washer dryers to choose from, finding the perfect fit for your kitchen can always be a tough task. When browsing our washer dryer range online, you can filter your search to accurately match your needs and preferences. Filter our washer dryers by energy rating, dimensions (height and width), wash load, spin speed and even fit type. Once you’ve identified the performance and features of your washer dryer, you can begin focusing on design. You can filter further by colour and brand, allowing you to find the perfect match to your kitchen décor. If your washer dryer is for a utility room or garage, make sure the appliance is compatible with your electric and water mains. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for a washer dryer to your preferences, you can then filter your search by price - so you can get the very best appliance for your budget. We frequently run offers and discounts on a range of products, so call our store to find out our latest offers. 

Washer Dryer Delivery

All our washer dryers can be ordered for delivery throughout the UK (please visit the specific product page for all postcodes we deliver to. All our washer dryer deliveries are delivered by our own fleet within a 20-mile radius of the store. For all other deliveries in the United Kingdom we will send your washer dryer via courier company within 3 working days if the product is in stock.  

Customer Reviews

At Appliance World, we pride ourselves on product quality and customer service. We strive for excellence and our appliance experts are experienced in all laundry appliances. Below, you’ll find some of our latest reviews. Click our eKomi certificate to see our latest reviews. 

 Customer Reviews


Below, you'll find more information on our washer dryer range and some important considerations before making your purchase. 

Determining the best Washing Machine for Your family

Selecting the perfect washing machine model that you require might be a long and difficult process which takes a astonishing degree of exploration. However, this research is essential in making certain that you can choose the right model that will fulfil all of your washing laundry needs. There are many different elements that you need to think about when buyinga washing machine which include which spin speed you're looking for, which drum size will best accommodate the type of washes that you'll be performing and just what financial budget is considered the most sensible with regard to your requirements. There are a variety of points to consider however if you put lots of time into getting acquainted with different models you then could probably find an exceptionally varied washing machine at an highly affordable selling price. If you are interested in learning much more about finding the ideal appliance to suit your needs or you have got other concerns regarding our range of washing machines in Manchester then do not wait to come and visit us today or phone: 01793 618656


Thinking about the Spin Speed of Washing Machine

Spin speeds in many cases are considered to lead to a lower priced wash simply because that your appliance spins faster and for that reason washes the load a lot quicker. It is a potentially a common misconception because of the fact that quicker spin rates of speed don't always result in a more cost-effective wash. The spin cycle occurs in your washing machine to take out excessive water from clothes at the end of the wash routine. Every Single washing machine with good spin rates will get rid of the majority of the water out of your clothing which is when clothing should be dried out after the spin routine is over.

The implementation of a washing machine with faster rotations each and every minute should lead to a much faster drying process because of the fact more water will likely be taken out. Spin speeds range from 1000rpm to 1800rpm and this range will significantly minimize drying time from one end of the spin speed to the other. One point to think about however is washing machines that spin very quickly may very well be quite noisy while operational because of the fact they are far more powerful than lesser spin models. Although typically most automatic washers with 1800rpm are often more efficient than 1000rpm machines, it's not necessarily always true and for that reason it can't be assumed that merely as your selected washing machine provides a faster spin period, it's going to clean and dry clothes much faster and more cheaply. The best way to know this for sure is usually to research your particular product through wide-ranging reviews to make sure that other people have affirmed that your sought after washing machine is practical and also highly effective.

Washing Machine Drum Sizes & How Are They Important

Washing machine drum sizings start from 5kg to a significant 12kg and the capacities may also be essential in deciding on which actual model is great for your needs. Drum size pertains to kgs because of the fact that it establishes what number of kilos of dry clothes you can place inside the appliance. You will need to have the size which you won’t find hard to fill up as some programs focus on a reduced capacity in any event. 7kg is approximately the typical capacity for the majority of people, but houses which have large families or homes which can be washing sizeable objects regularly including bedsheets and bathroom towels will want to take into account more substantial sizes of drum. It's also important to remember that the larger machine are not going to usually result in a better machine. The best strategy to utilise your washing machine is to fill it up to just about the set program size. You should keep in mind the bigger the appliance, the greater the operating costs. This is an essential consideration with higher loads, as the running rates become less expensive.

Is Electrical Power Cost & Cost Effectiveness Necessary?

Energy efficiency is an important aspect to consider when picking your washing machine unit but does an A +++ necessarily indicate greater energy efficiency than other products with a lesser rating? Needless to say most washing machines that have A+++ ratings are surprisingly energy efficient on the other hand there could be some models which are more affordable to operate. It is an important consideration when selecting the type of washing machine that you need. A high energy graded washing machine continues to be an incredibly intelligent investment decision nonetheless due to the fact these models are really friendly to the environment and are nearly always cost efficient for this reason.

Style & Type of Washing Machine

Obviously the final area of consideration ought to be the look and feel of your washing machine. Freestanding and built-in washing machines are the obvious difference in aesthetic functionality. Freestanding designs include a larger variety sizes which leads to a bigger variety of drum volumes. This too leads right into a broader range of customisation including changing colours and additional options. Built In versions are better for anyone who is implementing your model into a kitchen space behinda cupboard door for instance. This tidies away the machine from view and allows for it to become part of your house. These built in washing machines are exciting because they can reduce noise if the cupboard is shut which cancels out the sound problems that high rpm washing machines could cause as mentioned previously.

Finding the Most Effective Washing Machine to suit your needs

It is vital to take into account all of these factors when determining which washing machine is ideal for you. The aesthetic, measurements, design, drum size, spin speed and energy overall performance are all essential and it is for this reason crucial that you check the appropriate model reviews to find out from people how effective your desired model is. This will assist you to find the optimal washing machine available for you and likely save cash with cost efficiency and avoiding you from choosing a less effective model. Once you have settled upon this you will then be able to purchase the appropriate washing machine model for your home and we're continually readily available to assist you make this final purchase. If you are looking at more information to do with our washing machine range or if you need help in evaluating, looking at or discovering more about our washing machines in Manchester then don't wait to visit us today where our hospitable team will always be available to assist! Or phone: 01793 618656



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