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A Short Guide to Washing Machines

Friday, 19 January 2018 10:44:00 Europe/London

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Washing Machine Manchester - A Short Guide

For over 100 years, washing machines have helped families and households alike by cleaning clothes effectively and efficiently.  Beyond the development of new washing machines, manufacturers have been researching and developing washing machine technologies that can improve the performance and efficiency of washing loads. This has allowed manufacturers to provide homes with high-performance washing machines that save more money on utilities. So, if you’re looking to save money on the latest brands, or are shopping around for a cheap washing machine, get in touch today on 0161 794 3030.

We’ve been supplying Manchester with the very best machines for over 45 years, and have a hugely experienced team of appliance experts. If you’re looking for something specific, just pick up the phone and give us a call or drop by our appliance showroom in Swinton. Our appliance experts can show you around and help find a washing machine that best suits you. 

Integrated washing machine Manchester

Have you considered getting your new washing machine integrated? If you don’t have much space remaining in your kitchen or utility room, then looking to buy an integrated washing machine could be a great space-saving option. Remember, having an integrated washing machine will require space under one of your kitchen counters. For an integrated washing machine to be fitted into an existing kitchen, space would have to be made within one of the units and on occasion, cupboards would need removing. Brilliant for saving space and keeping your kitchen units looking beautiful, an integrated washing machine can be kept under-counter behind a kitchen cupboard door.

Not only will an integrated washing machine provide you with additional space within your home, but will also keep your kitchen looking natural and clean. Along with the ability to integrate a washing machine, it is also possible to install an integrated washer dryer. One of the most space-saving appliances ever made, the integrated washer dryer combines the washing machine and tumble dryer into one, universal unit. Having a washer dryer not only saves space by combining two large appliances into one but will save you even more space by integrating it into your kitchen units. Explore our full range of washing machines

Hotpoint washing machines

Washing machine in ManchesterWorking with hundreds of manufacturers over the years including Hotpoint has allowed us to deliver a wide range of appliances that best suit our customer’s needs. Made here in Britain, the Hotpoint washing machine range combines modern washing features and tailored specifications to meet the varying needs of UK households. From your more basic spin speed settings, to advance allergy washes, the Hotpoint washing machine range provides unique wash settings for all washing needs.

We take a closer look at the Hotpoint washing machine range with the Hotpoint AQ113L297E washer. This Hotpoint AQ113L297E Aqualtis washer is awarded Hotpoint’s Eco Tech award for its energy efficiency rating of A+++ and economic cycle functions. The Hotpoint AQ113L297E can run longer, less intense cycles. This protects your colours and fabrics whilst using a lower overall energy output. For fast and flexible washing, the Hotpoint AQ113L297E washing machine comes will an innovative steam programme. The ‘Steam Refresh’ cycle is a short steam cycle that enters through the drum and begins cleaning your laundry instantly. Without the need for detergents or softener, the steam gets to work on removing bad odours such as smoke. The steam function is great if you want to freshen up an outfit for a night out and only uses 200ml of water for the entire cycle.

Samsung washing machines

Samsung Washing Machine ManchesterWith some of the smartest features and cutting-edge designs available on the market, Samsung washing machines are simply designed to make washing simple. With smart features such as AddWash, you can add any extra laundry you may have missed - during the wash. You can even connect to your washing machine via smartphone app, and manage your washing from anywhere in your home, the office or even whilst out shopping. If you're shopping online for 'Samsung washing machine Manchester' and are after something with the latest features and smart washing technology, Samsung is the brand for you. 

Taking a closer look at the Samsung washing machine range, we explore the Samsung WF90F5E5U4X. Now available with a 5-year warranty on registration with Samsung, this machine boasts an impressive 9kg washing capacity - perfect for larger family households. With an ever impressive A+++ energy rating, this ultra-efficient machine will help cut down energy usage in your home and also comes equipped with 15 minute 'quick wash' option. To find out more please visit the Samsung WF90F5E5U4X page.

Buying Guide

There are many factors to consider when purchasing the perfect washing machine. Whilst everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to specific designs and features, below are some important factors to consider before purchasing your new washing machine. 

  • Spinning Speed

The speed that a washing machine spins at will determine how quickly and efficiently the appliance is in removing water from clothes during the washing and drying process of the cycle. For cotton clothing, higher spinning speeds are required to ensure that all moisture is removed from it. Alternatively, delicate clothes must be put on a low spin speed to ensure that they will not be damaged by the spin. Most new innovative washing machines will also give you the option to select the spinning speed yourself. It is important to make sure that the correct spin speed is selected to suit the clothes that are being washed.

  • Capacity

This will determine the load that the washing machine can handle in one go. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your appliance, it is advised that you fill it up to its capacity. Ultimately, the choice depends on the number of people who will be using it and the capacity of clothing that requires washing regularly. Washing machines with 5kg capacities or less are usually more suited to small families, or couples. If your family is larger or requires a bigger load capacity, then a machine with more than 5kg capacity will be a better choice. We have a wide range of different capacities for washing machines that go up to 12kg, so you’ll never have to worry about it being too small for your household.

  • Programming Options

The variety of programming options available will depend on the washing machine you decide to purchase. These programmes give you the choice to tailor your wash cycle to the requirements that you have. This also gives you options to select a quick wash cycle in the case that you need a quick washing solution. Other common options include cotton wash, mixed load, sports wash and other specialist programmes that give you the best results for clothes that need specific washing measures.

  • Energy Rating

You want to ensure that your washing machine has the best efficiency possible as this will enhance the functioning of your machine. All of our washing machines incorporate the EU’s regulations for appliances and therefore have an energy label on them to confirm this. Energy ratings can vary from A+++ to C, as it is no longer legal to sell appliances with a rating lower than C. Having a highly rated washing machine will also save you more money per wash as less electricity is used.

  • Noise Level

Any washing machine you purchase will make some noise. However, this level of noise differs from product to product. If you have young children or do not like noise, this may be an important factor in choosing a washing machine. Some washing machines use innovative technology to ensure that noise levels in the machine stay to a minimum. Anything below 50 decibels is considered quiet, however, most washing machines usually have an average noise level of somewhere between 40 and 80 decibels.

When searching online for 'washing machine Manchester', you're able to filter your search by brand, energy rating, wash load, and even colour. Once you've narrowed down your search to your favourites, you can even filter by price so we can find you the very best deals and offers. 

If you're unsure as to the features and fit type for your new washing machine, you can get in touch with one of our appliance experts today. Helping shoppers find the very best washing machines Manchester have to offer for over 30 years, our experts are on hand to provide guidance and comprehensive product advice. 

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Delivered and installed throughout the UK, once you've placed your order with us our team will begin preparing your order for shipping. All deliveries are priced based depending on your postcode, with fitting and removal available within 20 miles of our store. All washing machines are delivered to the confirmed home address and out-of-area deliveries are delivered by our partnered courier directly to your front door. 

If you've purchased a washing machine with a multibuy discount, you could be eligible for free delivery outside of our restricted postcode areas. Simply contact a member of our team on 01617943030 for more information. 

Our family run business has always believed in providing affordable, quality washing machines for families and people in Manchester. Since the very beginning, we have always wanted to provide a range of appliances for everyone, and today we’re more equipped to do so than ever before. Our large showroom stocks over 1,000 appliances including washing machines and washer dryers so you’re sure to walk away with a bargain. Contact us today on 0161 794 3030 and we can help you find the very best washing machine in Manchester.


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